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Many were blessed at SETI’s recent camp meeting about family restoration.

SETI* recently had a camp meeting on the theme “The 3rd Elijah and the Restoration of the Family.” 

“Participating in this first camp meeting at SETI was very important to our family. We were very happy with the messages presented by Cody Francis. The messages met the needs of our hearts with joy, sympathy, and kindness. We had the opportunity to talk to him privately about our children’s education and clarify some questions we had. This helped us define goals and make decisions to improve our family life with Christ. We are grateful to God for such a beneficial and gratifying opportunity. Sadly, the time was too short.”—Giselle Maria, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Many families came to the camp meeting to hear very important messages like “Raising Children,” “The Role of the Priest of the Home,” “Revitalizing Your Marriage,” and more.

The main speaker, Cody Francis, academic dean of Hartland College, shared wonderful principles from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy on how to revitalize one’s marriage. 

SETI was blessed with his presence and so were our guests—both corporately and individually—as he was able to interact with people and give them personal advice.

“The camp meeting was excellent. The theme, ‘The Restoration of the Family,’ was uplifting, enlightening, and needed for the time in which we live. I particularly needed to hear every sermon that was preached. I could see God working and a people thirsty for His living water. I was highly blessed to be there that weekend.”—Jonathan Felix, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Last year we began building a new cafeteria, dormitory, and lifestyle center. It took a lot of effort from the staff to finish it, but by God’s grace it was done. Camp meeting guests had the privilege of enjoying the comfort and the wonderful view of the mountains through the windows of the new dormitory that was inaugurated at the camp meeting, as well as enjoying their meals in a pleasant cafeteria. 

Praise be to God who brought His people together for such a powerful time, and may His instruction be heeded by every family to fulfill what we already know: “One well-ordered, well-disciplined family tells more in behalf of Christianity than all the sermons that can be preached.” Adventist Home, p. 32.

The Evangelistic Health Program at SETI is currently happening, and the students are enjoying it very much. 

After finishing this training program, they will be able to better help their communities, to preach the Seventh-day Adventist health message, to promote health fairs and cooking classes, and to coach people to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Once the lifestyle center is completed, the students will be able to practice what they learned in class, and it will extend SETI’s scope to reach the community around us and beyond.

Please join us in prayer as we seek to serve the Lord with all our might! 

*Santo’s Evangelistic Training Institute, a school begun by Hartland alumnus Giancarlo Miranda

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