Rachel's New Direction

My plan was to achieve a national scholarship, leave my country, and travel abroad to study medicine. God had other plans. by Rachel Perry

Rachel Marcano comes from a family that highly esteems education and had grand plans for her. “I was supposed to be a neurosurgeon and help my family out of poverty,” she explains.

Shortly after she gave her heart to Christ, the Lord led her to attend a short medical missionary training course taught by Mamon Wilson. “It was here that God redirected my steps and called me to medical missionary work,” she says.

“I chose Hartland for three reasons,” Rachel continues. “First, this school is based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and is a haven for spiritual growth, physical development, and mental expansion. Second, it offers a detailed and intense 4-year training program, calculated to produce well-rounded, capable medical missionaries. Third, Hartland offers a Missionary Training Fund program for students who cannot pay for their schooling. Without these three conditions, I would not be here.”

Rachel’s father was horrified when she told him she wanted to go to an unaccredited school to be a medical missionary. “Anyone else but you, Rachel!” he pleaded. “God has given you such talent and blessed you with a brain. You are not to waste it!” However, God worked powerfully to change her father’s attitude toward her attending Hartland.

“God has been teaching me many things: patience, love, courage, self-denial, to be more soft-spoken, and so on,” Rachel relates. “I have come to appreciate His character in an entirely new way, and daily He continues to win my heart and draw me closer to Him.”

At Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC), Rachel also has the opportunity to practice the things she learns in class.

“I do massage and hydrotherapy, and counsel the lifestyle guests. I am gaining experience for my future lifework in Trinidad, and it’s a blessing to work here. Every experience of serving at the LEC, every chance to tell the guests about Christ, confirms my calling. When I go back home, I plan to open a lifestyle center by God’s grace and with His help.”

Rachel concludes with a message to our donors: “Thank you for allowing God to use you for His glory to advance His work and hasten His coming!”

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