God’s Timing Is Impeccable!

The Lord brings literature missionaries to searching people at just the right time.

  • Jasmine Moo

    The young lady at the door was friendly, but seemed to have no interest in the books. As we talked, a little voice told me, “Show her God’s Answers to Your Questions.” “Oh, let me see that book!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been studying Judges, and this book will help me a lot in my studies.”Before I left, she asked me, “Can I go to your church to study the Bible with you?” The following Sabbath, she came, and we studied for four hours! I gave her more books from the church’s literature rack. Later she called me and said, “Jasmine, I really love this book, Steps to Christ. I read it for my devotions every morning.” I’m so happy for this experience, and I continue to stay in touch with her!

    Jasmine Moo, Health Ministry, Georgia, USA
  • David Symons

    When I saw a big family barbeque in process, I was about to skip to the next house; but as I continued walking, I got a very strong impression: David, do not go past this house. So I canvassed every book in my bag to the first lady who smiled at me. When I finished, she turned to the young man beside her. “Weren’t you studying this stuff?” They bought the entire set—basically Adventism in a package—and the young man began talking with me.“You’ll never believe this,” he told me. “Two weeks ago I was an atheist.” After surviving a serious car accident, he was convinced that there is a God. “Since that time, I’ve been trying to study the Bible, but it makes no sense. Revelation is especially confusing to me.” When I heard that, I knew God had sent me to him at just the right time.

    David Symons, Pastoral Evangelism, South Africa
  • Catherine Gray

    "My doctor was just telling me I need to implement these laws of health and everything you just said about this book!” Marcia* exclaimed, grabbing Habits that Heal from my hands. “I had an impression that someone was going to come today and give me a book. And now you’ve come out of nowhere!” When she found out I was born in Jamaica, she gasped and dropped her cane. “The Lord told me it would be a Jamaican!” She grabbed me and hugged me, saying over and over, “I can’t believe it!”

    Catherine Gray, Health Ministry, Canada
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