Your Missionary to India

Martin Raj thanks you for partnering with him to reach his people. by Rachel Perry

In the place where I come from, people are ignorant,” says Martin. “They don’t know who God is; they worship pigs in one village, and kill and eat them in the next. There are lots of people who need education in everything—physical, mental, and spiritual.”

Martin Raj was working as an accounts executive for an American medical billing company in India when he felt the call to do health ministry. The Lord opened the way for him to attend a medical missionary school in Kenya, which he says “provided a basic foundation” for him in this field “and a true spiritual growth experience.” Excited about all the new things he had learned, Martin returned to India with a renewed fervor. “I spoke about health and the Bible to many people, and they were all convicted,” he shares. “But I soon realized that I had many things still to learn. And that’s the reason I came to Hartland, to equip myself even more so that I can be an efficient medical missionary.”

“Usually it is hard for Indians to get US student visas, especially if applying through a funding or scholarship program,” Martin explains, but he got his visa without a problem. “This was another confirmation from God that He wanted me to study at Hartland.”

Hartland College granted Martin a scholarship from the Missionary Training Fund, and he is now pursuing his bachelor’s degree in health ministry.

“By working at the Hartland Lifestyle Education Center and participating in outreach programs, I am receiving hands-on experience in my field. I’m learning how to do health outreach and, through that, lead people to Seventh-day Adventist truths. I lacked this knowledge and experience before coming to Hartland.” And not only this, but “God has been teaching me practical lessons on how to know His will, to be patient, to handle a critical situation, to be a thinker, and to be dependent only on Him.”

After he graduates, Martin plans to return to the great mission field in India to be a light for many who are in darkness. “Many people think that only people who give Bible studies and health treatments are missionaries,” Martin says, “but it is not so. By giving to the Missionary Training Fund, you are a missionary too. You are helping students like me to be educated so we can reach people in countries where you cannot reach. God bless you for this work!”

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