"Not one Life, but Lives!"

The impact of your Missionary Training Fund donations goes far beyond recipients.

by Gillian Bethel

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The Beginning of Wisdom

The great principles of education are unchanged.

By Norbert Restrepo

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Finishing Touches

Construction on the Health and Education Center is almost complete!

By Angela Pulley

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Soon-to-be Doctor

Luisa learns new ways to serve through Loma Linda Campestre.*

By Freddy (’06) and Connie Castro

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Youth, Do You Dare?

Lighting the fire for service in Puerto Rico.

By Kendi Callender

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My Goal, My Vision

“I aim to pioneer a school that will give quality education to those seeking missionary training in my country.”

By Michael Kusarawana as told to Kevin Wahl

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A New Life of Service

I pled with God to use me in His service. His answer came from across the world.

By Rafael Kopke

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