Pressing Together

Hartland administration is committed to working closely with the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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He is Risen!

It was the preaching of Christ’s resurrection that turned the first century world upside down.

by Gillian Bethel

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Leaving a Life Behind

by Carlynn Williams

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Purelight Mission School in Action

Students and staff from Purelight Mission conduct camps to train more workers.

by Simdumise Poswa '14, Dean of Purelight Missions Training Centre

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Food for Thought

A plant-based diet is good for both body and mind.

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The Problem With "Respectable" Sin

Have Christians lost sight of what they share in common with their neighbors?

by Betsy Mayer

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Spring Community Concerts

The Hartland College Choirs and guest performers will share an international concert entitled "One Alleluia" on the following dates/locations. The concert will feature music from around the…

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Johnson Amendment

President Donald Trump signed an executive order meant to allow churches and other religious organizations to become more active politically.

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