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Hartland was established in 1983 as a comprehensive training center for young people with a vision for Christian missionary training. Through a unique combination of education and health ministry, the institute’s aim was to provide practical training along with a solid biblical foundation in a positive country environment conducive to personal spiritual growth.

Today Hartland continues to train young people from all over the world to spread the Three Angels’ Messages, with a renewed emphasis on supporting the worldwide mission and ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Along with an expanding distance learning program for those who cannot study on campus, we seek to provide one-day, weekend, or week-long presentations on various topics to churches who would like to explore the wonderful Advent message with us. In this booklet are listed the options we currently offer. Please call us and arrange a visit from Hartland speakers. We would love to fellowship with you!


Nobert Restrepo's Biography

Norbert Restrepo Jr., president of Hartland Institute, is originally from Colombia in South America. Norbert came to Hartland after serving 15 years as executive director of Las Delicias Institute.

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Joong Ho Shin's Biography

In 1994, Joong Ho started working at Hartland College as the dean of men and later served as dean of the college for over 10 years.

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William Sanchez's Biography

William Sanchez grew up in a Seventh-day Adventist home, but at the age of 20 he entered into a deeper relationship with Christ.

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Hernandez's Biography

David Hernandez serves as a pastor at the College Park SDA Spanish Church in Maryland and as registrar at Hartland College. Doris Hernandez also gives seminars in health, nutrition, and natural remedies.

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Ivonne Restrepo's Biography

Ivonne Restrepo coordinates and teaches college classes and leads out in health outreach and prison ministry for women.

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Armando Lopez's Biography

Armando Lopez joined the faculty of Hartland Institute and currently serves as a Bible teacher, the college outreach director, and farm supervisor.

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Johny Carmouche's Biography

Johny Carmouche joined our staff in 2002 and served for several years as the publications director and as the Northern Virginia prison ministry coordinator for the Potomac Conference.

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Angela Pulley's Biography

Angela Pulley has worked as the food service director, women’s dean, health outreach director, and health educator. She is currently the director of the Hartland Lifestyle Education Center.

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Three Angels' Chorale

The Three Angels’ Chorale shares sacred music that both inspires and soothes.

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Youth, Do You Dare? (YDYD)

Youth, Do You Dare? (YDYD) was started in 2009 by two Hartland College students.

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