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Educating for Eternity.


To take the everlasting gospel to the world in this generation through evangelistic, educational, health and media ministries.


At Hartland, we value education that searches for truth, encourages industry, builds Christian character, emphasizes healthy living, and models Christian charity.


The goal of Hartland is to transform students who will transform the world for Christ in these last days.


Hartland was established in 1983 as a comprehensive training center for young people with a vision for Christian missionary training. Through a unique combination of education and health ministry, the institute’s aim was to provide practical training along with a solid biblical foundation in a positive country environment conducive to personal spiritual growth.

Today Hartland continues to train young people from all over the world to spread the Three Angels’ Messages, with a renewed emphasis on supporting the worldwide mission and ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our program has expanded to include a variety of majors, specializations, and practical courses.

Hartland’s unique program combines solid principles, high standards, deep biblical knowledge, practical hands-on experience, effective on-campus and community outreach, agricultural training, and academic study.


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444 Hartland Oak Dr.
Rapidan, VA 22733

Phone: 540-672-3100

Email: info@hartland.edu

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