New Childbirth Educator Course

Apr 12, 2012

Ten Hartland female students and five staff are enrolled in the Childbirth Education class this spring term. This class is a prerequisite to the Midwifery program which will begin fall term, September 9, 2012. Mary Ann McNeilus MD and Patti Barnes CM (Certified Midwife) are presently teaching the Childbirth class. Students who complete this course will be certified to teach childbirth classes to expectant mothers. They will also be certified as a doula, someone who is able to provide non-medical support to the mother before, during, and just after birth. A doula also provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.

We are very excited about how God is leading this program. Starting right here in Virginia, these students will have the opportunity to teach what they are learning at three area pregnancy crisis centers. As our students are grounded in the Three Angels’ Messages, they will be well prepared to share thee messages as they go out to minister in the field of childbirth.

“The Bible speaks of women at childbirth being attended by women, and thus it ought always to be. Women should be educated and trained to act skillfully as midwives and physicians to their sex. This is the Lord’s plan.” The General Conference Bulletin, June 4, 1909.