From a Graduate

Apr 12, 2012

In the fall of 2006, I came to Hartland to study Christian Media Management. Little did I know that this experience was actually going to direct me towards a different calling. At the beginning of 2007, I started working at the Hartland Farm, and also took the Agriculture minor course led by Mr. Bob Gregory. This experience really impacted my life. Even from the first few days of working at the farm, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. Computers were nice, but it was nothing compared to the joy I received from taking care of the crops on the farm.

The relationships that we were able to establish with the staff and students on the farm resembled those of a family. Compared to the usual student activities that were very strenuous, especially intellectually, working on the farm was more like a recreational activity. I have been able to develop many practical and theoretical agriculture skills during my two years of working at the Hartland Farm, but it was also essential in developing character, a healthy work ethic, and complex management skills. Working with Mr. Esteban Cabrera is one of my best memories from my time studying at Hartland College. It was a real blessing to learn from his agricultural experience, and also from his distinct people skills.

During this period, I became more and more convinced about the fact that it would be a great blessing for me to live in a rural setting and work on a farm as a means of sustaining my future family. Right now, I own a 12-acre organic farm in the southern part of Romania, close to the city of Craiova. I have been managing the farm for almost a year now, improving it, and preparing it for production. This year will be the first year of serving the community through the produce we grow. We plan to open our own store and also do home deliveries through the produce basket-type marketing. I am also a sophomore studying horticulture at the University of Agriculture and Horticulture here in Craiova.

I thank God for the experience I have had at the Hartland Farm, and for the people who have been a part of my training. My life would have been different without it.

Bogdan Chirvasuta