Family Summer Camp Meeting, July 24-29, 2012

Location: 278 Dogwood Ln, Locust Dale, VA 22733
Starts: July 24, 2012
Speaker: Dennis Priebe, Isaac Olatunji and others
Contact: Events Coordinator
Phone: 540.672.1996 x232

Winning: A Spiritual Perspective On Being Successful in Earth’s Final Moments.

Hartland’s Family Camp Meeting is a place where the whole family loves to come! Don’t be late for the first meeting which begins at 6:45pm Tuesday, July 24, 2012. Camp meeting goes until 12:30pm Sunday, July 29, 2012.

Seminar presenters and their topics are:
Dennis Priebe | Face to Face With the Real Gospel
Gwen Hawkins | Homeschooling Whys and Hows
Isaac Olatunji | Will the Real SDA Please Stand Up?
Ted Huskins | God’s Plan for You as a Steward

Featured Speakers:
Dennis Priebe is an Amazing Facts Revivalist with 40 years experience as a pastor, teacher, and seminar speaker. Throughout the United States, Elder Priebe presents seminars on the subject of righteousness by faith. His goal is to help Christians grow into the fullest possible relationship with Christ.

Isaac Olatunji is an Oakwood University Professor of Religion and Theology and a 1994 Hartland Pastoral Evangelism graduate. He is also the speaker director of Project Latter Rain ministries. Dr Olatunji specializes in evangelism, leadership development and health education. Through revival and reformation, he seeks to prepare God’s people to meet Jesus when He comes again.

For more details, call 540-672-1996 ×232.