Former Lifestyle Center Renovation Progress

Nov 9, 2011

Today, I took a tour of our former lifestyle center and was amazed to see the sundeck repair complete, the former pool area has new windows and doors, and the wall framing is done for the entire building. God is good! Another phase of the renovation is complete!

According to our general contractor, the plans for HVAC are drawn and they are ready to start the work. This renovated facility will be used for the lifestyle center as well as provide college classrooms.

For the HVAC in the college section to be completed, the cost will be around $75,000. We are short only $20,000. The staff and students are praying that God will impress you to help with the completion of this phase so that the classrooms will be completed for the spring term, and the lifestyle center section will be completed soon after.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.
Maria Gligor
Lifestyle Education Center Program Director