The Incredible Cabbage Poultice

Oct 27, 2011

Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC) uncovered the incredible potential of cabbage poultices in their last sessions.

“When treating patients with arthritis, we put cabbage poultices on their joints overnight. The next morning, the pain had decreased by 60-80 percent.” says Maria Gligor, director of the LEC.

Cabbage is abundant in vitamin C and glutamine, a crystalline amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. A simple cabbage poultice reduces inflammation in joints and increases local circulation, relieving lymphatic congestion. It also draws out infected matter and toxins from the body. Use a cabbage poultice for arthritis, chest infections, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mastitis, lymphatic blockages, tumors, gangrene, sciatica, and other nerve pains and skin infections.

Directions for cabbage poultice:
1. Wash cabbage leaf thoroughly and drain water.
2. Lay the cabbage leaf flat on the table, and then apply pressure with a rolling pin to soften the leaf.
3. Apply the leaf on the affected area, cover with plastic and then cloth, and then pin it in place.

by Laura Wehr