Reflecting on 25 Years

Jun 1, 2008

July 1 brings us to an epoch in the history of Hartland Institute. For a quarter of a century, God has sustained this ministry. How thankful we are to Him and to all who have been our faithful supporters and prayer partners over the years!

During these 25 years there have been difficult times. Sadly, some of our staff and, tragically, one of their children have been laid to rest. Several constituents and board members are now awaiting the call of the Lifegiver, and three of our students have met untimely deaths. There has been disharmony over important issues. There have been strong visions. There have even been severe criticisms of Hartland, often built on false rumors or great exaggerations.

Yet, above it all, I have only thankfulness to God for His patience and unbounded blessing. I rejoice in the young people who have gone out from this institution, for most of our graduates are working diligently and faithfully in the service of the Lord.

Gratefulness fills my heart when I remember the many people whose health and spiritual lives have been restored through the ministry of the Lifestyle Education Center. I think also of the tens of thousands who have had the opportunity to read the truth-filled literature which comes from Hartland Publications and Last Generation magazine.

Several ministries which began here are now continuing elsewhere. One such example is Young Disciple magazine, led by the Evert family. This wonderful magazine for young people is now being produced in Washington State. There is also the Ellen G. White Sabbath School Comments now compiled and printed by Brother and Sister Tompkins of Tennessee. These have been such a blessing to many. More recently, blessings have also come from the media department through CDs, DVDs, and the streaming of the everlasting gospel through our website, www.egntv.com. I also reflect on the mission trips, health ministry, public evangelism, personal evangelism, extension schools, and educational seminars which have led many to the Lord.

For our 25th Anniversary Camp Meeting this summer, we have invited graduates from many parts of the world to preach, conduct seminars, and present mission stories. I pray that many of you will be with us for this very special occasion. Remember to stay for the special Sunday afternoon program to which the public, including government representatives, will be invited.

Please pray that this will be a missionary witness to all present.