Happy Farm Customers

Oct 20, 2008

Produce from our farm is gaining an appreciation throughout the state of Virginia.

Hartland’s agriculture program has been blessed this year with truly wonderful events. In our earnest efforts toward self-sufficiency, we are now marketing our produce through four major wholesale outlets in Charlottesville and Lynchburg. The vegetables we grow are greatly appreciated by all our customers, and we have been supplying one of them with enough produce to feed 1,000 families per week.

“Last fall we built 11 cold-frames (unheated greenhouses) that will allow us to grow hardy greens like kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, beets, and chard during even the coldest months here in Virginia,” says Bob Gregory, Hartland’s farm manager.

Esteban Cabrera continues his hard work as an expert vegetable producer and mentor for our students. Heidi Dettwiler, a Hartland graduate with an agriculture minor, has come back to handle customer service. She has also brought expertise in food processing and preservation. “I helped my mother can and freeze fruits and vegetables ever since I was four years old,” Heidi says. “It was just a way of life.”

She worked very hard this summer preserving sufficient food for the cafeteria. Our freezers and root cellar are full of a wide variety of products that will meet our needs throughout the school year.

One of our customers recently asked, ”How do you grow such good produce?” When he was told, ”All we do is plant and water, and God provides the increase,” his eyes showed understanding and a desire to know more. Our witnessing opportunities in the community have been greatly enhanced by on-farm sales, too. A listing with LocalHarvest.org has brought dozens of neighbors to our doorstep to purchase produce.

The farm staff and all the students who participate in this remarkable program wish to thank you for the sacrifices you have made on behalf of the farm. Your gifts have allowed us this success.