About Us

Hartland was established in 1983 as a comprehensive training center for young people with a vision for Christian missionary training. Through a unique combination of education and health ministry, the institute’s aim was to provide practical training along with a solid biblical foundation in a positive country environment conducive to personal spiritual growth.

Today Hartland continues to train young people from all over the world to spread the Three Angels’ Messages, with a renewed emphasis on supporting the worldwide mission and ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Our program has expanded to include a variety of majors, specializations, and practical courses.
Hartland’s unique program combines solid principles, high standards, deep biblical knowledge, practical hands-on experience, effective on-campus and community outreach, agricultural training, and academic study.

An Overview of Harland Ministry Outreaches
Hartland Institute of Health and Education has several soul-winning outreach programs and campus ministries committed to proclaiming the everlasting gospel and sharing the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14. Our mission is to uplift God’s love as manifested on the cross of Calvary and share His wonderful plan of redemption from sin and misery with the entire world.

Hartland College is an expressly Christian missionary training center, offering bachelor’s degrees in several fields: Christian Elementary Education, Christian Secondary Education, Health Education Ministry, Christian Media Management, Christian Publications Management, Midwifery, Bible Instruction, and Pastoral Evangelism. Hartland College also offers two-year associate degrees and one-year certificates in various majors.

Convocations and Events
Hartland institute hosts a major event on campus every quarter. At these convocations truth-filled messages are shared by well known, biblically solid speakers. Our well-versed Bible teachers, evangelists, and other experienced educators also participate in these events. We also offer medical missionary training seminars and agriculture seminars.

Mission Work
Our “Lord, Send Me” program is designed to assist foreign graduates with a desire to begin a self- supporting ministry in their homeland, to raise funds to establish their ministry and to assist and mentor them for up to two years after their launch date. It is personal contact evangelism, a very effective way to reach and hold the lost sheep.

Mission Trips Our students and staff travel on mission trips during the summer and winter breaks. Most of these mission trips target the countries of our international students, addressing the needs in their local fields. These trips provide valuable service, soul-winning experiences, practical training, and connect the student with his future mission field.

Three Angels’ Chorale
We believe that our music should be a means of proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel; and that Advent hymns, sacred classics, as well as contemporary sacred songs effectively arranged with proper balance between melody, harmony, and rhythm, can be a source of inspiration and musical fulfillment to both the listener and the performer. The chorale has performed on five continents, in eleven languages, and in a variety of settings: airports, restaurants, hospitals, orphanages, schools, churches, prisons, on radio and television, in shopping malls, banks, in public evangelism, retirement centers, nursing homes, in houses of culture, universities, offices, and on the street.

Lifestyle Center
Hartland Lifestyle Education Center is a place of healing, calmness, and amazing serenity. It offers nutritious, delicious, low-fat meals, along with enjoyable exercise, individual massage, and hydrotherapy. Informative health lectures, individual counseling, and hands-on cooking classes provide the necessary knowledge, skill, and self-confidence that enable our guests to continue with a personal lifestyle program at home. The mission of Hartland Lifestyle Education Center is to bring men to complete restoration and to point them to Jesus Christ, who is able to give them healing, peace, and perfection of character.

Bible Camp
Piedmont Valley Youth Bible Camp desires to kindle a spark in the hearts of young people, ages 12 to 17. We want to help youth deepen their relationship with Jesus, and give them the opportunity to make friends that will last for eternity. Each year, in early summer we offer a week-long camp on our beautiful campus.

Weekend Youth Programs
Youth, Do You Dare is a Hartland College youth movement dedicated to share the fire for service God has lit within them with other young people looking to be part of God’s army. They travel to the churches and inspire, equip, and train.

Hartland College Prison Ministry
Behind prison walls are men and women who have made bad choices. Whether by greed, a lack of self-control, or unwise associations, they’re facing the consequences of their actions. Many feel deep regret, and desire to make changes in their lives, but they don’t know how. Hartland College Prison Ministry, has a team of volunteers, most of whom are Hartland staff and students. They give Bible studies and inspiring messages to inmates in six facilities. They also distribute Bibles to prisoners who request them.

Hartland Institute Media department produces truth-filled audio-visual materials from our convocations, seminars, Bible classes, and other events. We also offer books and on various topics of Christian lifestyle, health, Bible doctrine, history, and some children books. We also ship books and outreach magazines overseas to the mission fields.

Last Generation
Last Generation is a bi-monthly, full-color outreach magazine. It covers relevant issues and current events in an easy reading literary style with an appealing state-of-the-art design. It is an excellent evangelistic tool that has being in circulation for more than 25 years!

Elementary School and Day-Academy
Hartland Institute has an elementary school and day academy. Through this ministry we offer a Christian education to children who live on campus or in the surrounding community. It also provides practical training for our elementary and secondary education majors.

Natural Farm
Hartland´s farm seeks to be an answer to the different crises that our society faces today such as the alarming increase of food prices, environmental problems due to some of the chemical methods used in farming which have a great impact on our health. We seek to educate our students and participants helping them to understand by experience that agriculture contributes to the well being, morals, and happiness of man.

Hartland Ministry Report
Hartland Ministry Report is a bi-monthly, full-color magazine that provides updates on the ministry, reports on our graduates in the mission field, shares highlights from our events and seminars, discusses current issues, and offers inspiring testimonies of our different outreach ministries. Through this periodical you can catch glimpses of how we are touching lives for Jesus and educating for eternity.

Hartland is a faith-based ministry, dependent on God to work through people like you to provide financial support for these ministries. Thank you and God bless you.

Last Updated Jan 20, 2015