About Us

Our Mission Statement

“To take the everlasting gospel to the world in this generation through evangelistic, educational, health and media ministries.”

Established in 1983, Hartland Institute of Health and Education promotes healthful living, quality Christian education, and missionary work. We train young men and women to be Christian missionaries in the fields of Bible work, pastoral work, public evangelism, medical ministry, Christian education, and Christian media and publications. We also operate a lifestyle education center which offers health guests the opportunity to learn and adopt lifestyles to better health.

Located in the beautiful Piedmont region of central Virginia, we also promote country living. Our students enjoy the peace, quiet, and surrounding scenery as they perform their everyday tasks and study the Bible—preparing for their life-calling. Our health guests are also blessed by the scenic views while their lives are being restored to good health. We are also located near many historic sites which students enjoy visiting while they study history.

Hartland is founded on the principles of the Word of God, and follows the blueprint given in the Bible for Christian education and a solid, healthful Christian lifestyle. The education we offer is a balanced blend of academics and training in practical skills.

The main divisions of Hartland Institute are Hartland College, Hartland Lifestyle Education Center, Hartland Publications, and Hartland World Mission. We also operate a diversified agricultural farm and provide a variety of media and technology services. Every summer, Hartland conducts a one-week youth Bible camp, which has proven to be a tremendous blessing to the many young people who attend. Hartland also publishes two periodicals, Last Generation magazine and Hartland Ministry Report.

Last Updated Sep 7, 2011