Reaching Through Teaching

Hartland students share Jesus with south Koreans. by Diane Crawford

The South Korea mission trip this past summer was an unexpected blessing. Fundraising, visa challenges, and other obstacles kept us on our knees, yet prayer after prayer was answered. The Lord also led us to work with a Korean pastor who spoke English well and a local church family that was mission-driven. 

In South Korea, the greatest felt need of the people is to learn English. Our goal was to introduce them to Jesus—their real need—through teaching English. For ten days, we taught children, teenagers, and adults in the small town of Tongyeong. Some of our students were not Christians, so it was a joy to have the opportunity to share about God. We taught English through the Creation story, the eight laws of health, and Bible memorization. With our older students, we practiced conversational English through Bible stories emphasizing topics such as love, courage, and hope. Students often stayed long after class to continue these discussions and didn’t want to go home! 

When we weren’t teaching, we focused on building relationships with our students. “Music really bonded us together,” says David Wells, a Pastoral Evangelism student. “One evening our class had a ‘Music Night,’ in which everyone presented a musical selection. That special time together changed our relationship from teacher-student to one of friendship and brotherhood.

On the day of departure, our hearts were heavy not only from separating from new friends, but from one of our team members. Tulia Lomani, a student from Fiji, shares how God turned her mishap into a divine appointment.

“Because I was missing my passport when I got to the airport, I was left behind. During my two extra weeks in Seoul, I got to spend an evening with Audrey, one of our students who is a Buddhist. We shared about our lives, and I told her my testimony. She seemed so receptive and asked me to pray about some things in her life. So we prayed together—a Seventh-day Adventist and a Buddhist. I am so thankful for that opportunity. I pray that she will one day accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.”

Reaching through teaching is a modern-day example of Christ's ministry. It created opportunities to form friendships, to sympathize with people’s cares, meet their needs, win their confidence, and encourage them to follow Jesus. Please join us in praying for the hearts in which seeds of Jesus' love were planted last summer—that, by God's grace, in heaven we may be reunited with our dear friends!

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