Distance Learning

Over the years, many individuals have desired to attend Hartland’s campus-based program, but due to various reasons were not able to enroll as students. Young men and women from overseas have had visas denied, and thus could not come to study. Others, due to the fact that they have families and jobs, were not able to interrupt their plans and enroll as students. Whatever the reasons, now we have a solution for those who want to enroll, but are unable to participate in our campus-based program.

How will Hartland’s distance learning program operate?

The widespread uses of computers and the internet have made distance learning easier and faster. Gradebook3 is a distance learning software designed by Hartland College. Through Gradebook3, students log on with a user name and password, and then are given access to video lectures, class syllabi, handouts, lesson notes, exercises, and much more.

What is special about Hartland’s distance learning program?

One important feature of our Distance Learning program is the emphasis we place on critical thinking, student research, and creativity, while relying less on recall and memorization. Our goal is to provide the student with tools and resources that will assist him or her to go beyond the content and information provided by the teacher. Learning to study is an important aspect of our program. Another very important aspect of Hartland's academic program has been an uncompromising loyalty to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. The Distance Learning program continues and builds upon this in each course offered.

Is it possible to take individual classes?

Yes. Any of the classes that we offer through the distance learning program can be taken without enrolling in one of our programs.

If I start by taking individual classes, and later decide to enroll in one of your programs, are credits transferable?

Yes. If you have taken online classes, and then decide to enroll in any of Hartland’s regular programs, whether Distance Learning or our campus-based program, credits will be transferable.

Programs Currently Offered Through Distance Learning

Distance Learning students can enroll in a one-year Biblical Studies Program or in a two-year program which offers an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. There is also the option of taking individual courses for those who may not be interested in any of the above-mentioned programs. If, after having taken our online courses, a person decides to enroll in any of Hartland’s regular programs, credits will be transferable.

Two-Year Biblical Studies Program

One-Year Biblical Studies Program