Alumni in Action

A New Life of Service

I pled with God to use me in His service. His answer came from across the world.

By Rafael Kopke

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Path of Discovery

Filipe finds a new calling and the needed tools to fulfill it.

by Rachel Perry

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Educated for Ministry and Motherhood

“I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for Hartland College,” says Jenny (Wong) Tay, class of ’99. by Kevin Wahl and Sabrina Petersen

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Hartland Prepared Me for My Work

“Evangelism is still my passion, and the Lord uses my talents every day,” says Pastor Don Ball, class of 2010. by Kevin Wahl

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Fitted for Any Place of Usefulness

During a recent training in Bible evangelism, SETI* students were very excited to learn more about the books of Daniel and Revelation!

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