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Whether in full time ministry, or while holding secular employment, Hartland Alumni are finding many different ways to serve the Lord with their talents and energy. Alumni in Action profiles graduates efforts in the Lord’s fields in order to offer encouragement and inspiration to potential and current students, fellow alumni, as well as Hartland Institute staff and supporters.

Lord, Send Me

“Lord, Send Me” (LSM) is a program that seeks to inspire and facilitate students to think big for God’s glory. The purpose of the LSM program is to help students learn how to develop and implement a plan to establish a ministry. All new ventures, whether secular or spiritual, require start up capital.  Students who are accepted into this program will receive guidance in planning their project and will have opportunities to raise the necessary funds while here at Hartland. Students willing to partner with us will be able to begin their work with a more solid foundation and have continuing access to advice and assistance to assure better success.

Latest Article

Soon-to-be Doctor

Luisa learns new ways to serve through Loma Linda Campestre.*

By Freddy (’06) and Connie Castro

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Purelight Mission School in Action

Students and staff from Purelight Mission conduct camps to train more workers.

by Simdumise Poswa '14, Dean of Purelight Missions Training Centre

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Training Zulu soul winners

An aspiring DJ turned missionary is on fire to train others! by Simdumise Poswa, '14, Dean of Purelight Missions Training Centre

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