Tuition Fees

Single Students

All single students are required to live on the Hartland College campus. Typical charges for single students taking a normal load (12–20 hours) as of September 14, 2015, are as follows:   


   Per Term Yearly
Tuition $3,150 $9,450
Room $525 $1,575
Meals $1,050 $3,150
Total $4,755 $14,265
Work Credit -$960 -$2,880
Grand Total $3,765 $11,295


If students do not fulfill all vocational training requirements, there will be an additional charge at the end of the term.

Married Students

Charges for married students living off campus and taking a normal load (12–20 hours per term):


  Per Term Yearly
Tuition $3,150 $9,450

Textbooks ($200) and personal items ($100) not included in the above expenses per term.

Credits of under 12 hours per term are charged at the rate of $350 per credit hour. Extra credit hours over the 20-hour full time load will be charged at the rate of $175 per credit hour.

Students who live off campus and have been approved to take courses on a non-degree, non-major basis will be charged $350 per credit hour. Full credit will be given for the course taken.

Charges for non-remedial life experience waiver credits (granted to mature students who qualify) are $100 per class.

There is no charge for recording transfer credits from other institutions. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Meal Charges

The flat-rate meal charge for dormitory students is $1,050 per term and a discounted rate of $52.50 per week during the breaks. This is based on students’ eating an average of two meals per day in the cafeteria. The price structure may change without notice.

Meal prices for married students and their families are the same as the departmental rate which is set from time to time by the college administration. For the current rate, please inquire at the cafeteria. Children under the age of twelve are charged half price for their meals. Tickets for these meals may be purchased in advance at the Business Office.