Credits and Accreditation

Hartland College recognizes that there is interest on the part of entering students as to whether their credits will be accepted by other colleges, graduate schools, or professional schools. Also of interest, is whether there will be the opportunity for ministry and employment upon completion of a set course of study. These questions are answered as follows: 

Hartland Institute has chosen to claim the religious exemption from accreditation provision for religious colleges, pursuant to Title 23, chapter 21.1, § 23-276.2, of the code of Virginia. This gives the greatest opportunity for the college to offer its degree program consistent with the guidelines of a God-centered education and provides maximum separation of church and state.

Students desiring to transfer to another Seventh-day Adventist college should check with that college to determine if Hartland’s credits or degree are transferrable.

Many professional schools (i.e. medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, etc.) may require graduation from an accredited institution, though that is not always the case, depending on the institution.

Employment is not as largely dependent upon the school from which one graduates as upon the qualifications of the graduate. We are training youth for self-sacrificing, soul-winning ministry, which means that a graduate’s ministry upon the close of his/her course of study may or may not be in a traditional occupation. It may be in a more traditional line of service, or it may be a dynamic and fulfilling opportunity in nontraditional or missionary service while trusting God for sustaining grace. Many will have opportunity to develop their own ministry in a self-supporting way and independent of other organizations or ministries. Graduates may anticipate the possibility of a self-sacrificing income level to fulfill their mission.