To Apply to Hartland College, please complete the following steps.

Note: The Hartland College Catalog and forms in steps 4-9 are PDF files; you will need Adobe Reader or a similar application to view them. These forms can  be printed out and mailed to the Director of Admissions or filled out digitally and send them by email.

  1. 1 Download and carefully read the Hartland College Catalog (PDF format). Consider especially the educational philosophy and the specific commitments that will be expected from you, should you be accepted as a student.

  2. 2 Download, read, and return a copy of the signed copy of the Hartland College Handbook Review Form.

  3. 3 Complete the Hartland College Online Application Form. (Make sure web browser has both Javascript and Cookies enabled if you have turned them off.) The information you enter online is sent securely to Hartland. You may leave at any time and sign in again later to continue; the information you enter is automatically saved. If you are unable to fill out the application form online, you may print it out and mail it to the Director of Admissions (

  4. 4 Very Important! We must have a recent photograph of you. If you did not upload your photo using the Online Application Form, you may send it via email or the postal service to the Director of Admissions.

  5. 5 Applicant Reference Forms: Distribute a copy of this form to four different people; they will then send their forms directly to the Director of Admissions. Do not use family members or relatives as references. You may use friends, but not friends of the same age group.

  6. 6 College Entrance Exam Scores: You will need to send a copy of your official ACT or SAT exam results, normally obtained within the last 3 years.

  7. 7 Pre-Entrance Medical History Form: Complete this form by hand, sign it (your guardian must sign it if you are under 18), and send the form to the Director of Admissions.

  8. 8 Physician’s Medical History Form: Take this form with you to physical examination appointment for the doctor to complete; the doctor should sign it on the lower right line. After the appointment, send the form to the Director of Admissions.

  9. 9 Evidence of Healthcare Coverage: Hartland College is not responsible for medical expenses incurred by students. Before admission, you will need to provide evidence of adequate healthcare coverage for yourself.

  10. 10 Applicant Request for Transcript Form: Cut this form in half. Send the top half to your high school or academy, and send the bottom half to your vocational technical school, college, or university. The schools should send a copy of your transcripts directly to the Director of Admissions.

  11. 11 Statement of Financial Responsibility: Whoever is going to financially support you while you attend Hartland College should complete this form, and send it to the Director of Admissions.

  12. 12 Permission Statement: Complete this form by hand yourself, and send it to the Director of Admissions.

  13. 13 You will also need to send us the Application Fee.

When we receive your completed Online Application Form, photo, application fee, and other required forms mentioned, we assume that you understand the material in the Hartland College Catalog and that you are willing to abide by its principles and policies.


Rachel Perry, Director of Admissions
Hartland College
PO Box 1
Rapidan, VA 22733 USA
Phone: 540-672-1996 ext. 308