Associates degrees

Hartland College recognizes that not every student is called to study here for four years in preparation for ministry. Some desire to study more in-depth studies than offered by the one-year certificates but because they are participating in the work-study program or because they have a limited amount of time are unable to complete the full course and would like to pursue an associate degree in their area of study. We recommend that you consult with the major advisor to determine whether the associate degree or regular course of study is best in your situation. Hartland College offers four different associate degrees, which are basically a pared-down version of the regular bachelor’s degree in the respective field of study. In some instances because of the class schedule, certain classes may need to be substituted for similar classes that are offered. Speak with your major advisor for recommendations if not every class is available when desired and/or needed. For detailed descriptions of the classes offered, please see corresponding departments in the main section of the handbook.

Individuals desiring to major in any of these associate degrees are required to make formal application to the respective department after the completion of their freshman year. In order to be admitted to these majors, the student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, have completed reading requirements, and demonstrate proficiency in both written and spoken English. The student must also evidence emotional stability, healthful lifestyle, responsible time management, spiritual maturity, and a commitment to God and the respective area of ministry.

Programs Offered

Bible Instructor

Health Ministry

Media Ministry

Ministry of Midwifery