Why I Chose Hartland College

  • Alena Vlasova

    I want to be closer to God and serve Him as a missionary through media.

    Alena Vlasova, Christian Media, Russia
  • Martin Raj

    I have a large mission field waiting for me in India. I came here to equip myself so that I can be more efficient than I was before.

    Martin Raj, Health Ministry, India
  • Carlynn Williams

    My people are suffering from depression and drug abuse. I need to be equipped with the right tools to bring the message of health and salvation to them.

    Carlynn Williams, Health Ministry, South Africa
  • Esther Min

    I want to get a missionary training and be God’s worker.

    Esther Min, Christian Elementary Education, South Korea
  • Shane Smith

    God has showed me that I must do christian media work for Him, and Hartland was the place He chose.

    Shane Smith, Christian Media, Connecticut, USA
  • Riley Hart

    I want to learn more about how to edit Christian media material while growing spiritually with other like-minded people my own age.

    Riley Hart, Christian Media, Ohio, USA
  • Alexi García

    God has given me a vision to serve and work with Him as a teacher to train the youth. I know that this institution can help me make that a reality.

    Alexi García, Pastoral Evangelism, Venezuela.
  • Adeyeye Adebanke Victoria

    Because I wanted a school that teaches true science base o the Bible, a school where I can learn to minister to others, as Jesus did and to grow to have a more closer, deeper relationship with Jesus.

    Adeyeye Adebanke Victoria, Midwifery with Health Emphasis, Nigeria.