Hartland College: The Power of a Dream

In July of 1982, a small but enthusiastic group of Seventh-day Adventists decided that it was time to establish a health facility and a missionary college on the east coast of the United States.

Through a series of incredible miracles, the property was purchased and a small band of pioneers arrived on July 4, 1983, to begin operating Hartland Institute of Health and Education. Hartland College opened that September with 13 students.

What motivated them? It was their burden to take the everlasting gospel to the world. This same mission continues to motivate young people who come study at Hartland College from all over the world.

At Hartland, we value education that searches for truth, encourages industry, builds Christian character, emphasizes healthy living, and models Christian charity.

Through this, our goal is to transform students who will transform the world for Christ in these last days.

History shows us how God helped establish this missionary training school. Many have left and made a difference for Christ all over the world. Unfortunately, Christ has still not returned. We cannot change the past, but we can make a difference for the future. At Hartland College, we want to do our part by preparing an army of youth.

“We have an army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth…. Let all be so trained that they may rightly represent the truth, giving the reason of the hope that is within them, and honoring God in any branch of the work where they are qualified to labor.” (Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White, p. 205)