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My New Friend Mike

"I made an appeal I had never made at the door before!” exclaims Cwayita, a Bible instruction intern in Spokane, WA. by Cwayita Ntsikeni

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First Midwifery Graduate Passes NARM* Exam!

“I have found my calling,” says Angeline. “I love midwifery. I could do this until I die.” by Angeline Nyaata

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Necessary Evidence

Our feelings and human reasoning are not trustworthy, and that is why we base our faith on God’s holy Word. -by Melissa Silva.

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Seeking Eternal Riches

“Brother Sim, I love Jesus. I love Jesus a lot,” is Olwethu’s daily anthem. - by Simdumise Poswa

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Receiving to Give

Our students have learned this lesson from Christ and are already sharing God’s love with others. By Silveli Teodoro.

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Essential Education

Seventh-day Adventists shouldn’t be surprised by the new evidence linking gardening with superior human development.

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Confirming My Call to the Ministry

Before coming to Hartland in 2011, I knelt in my closet and committed myself to a life of faith.

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