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Hartland Offers Shorter Courses!

Expanding our options for more students. -by Cody Francis, Dean of the College

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South Africa Calls Me!

Cwayita is training to spread the everlasting gospel in her homeland. -by Kelly Ostrom

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Other Ways to Minister

Meeting a health guest’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs through service, encouragement, and counseling, has given me the opportunity to develop the qualities of a Health Ministry major. -by Martha Castañeda as told to Kelly Ostrom

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Publishing and Educating

Johnny and his friends use their unique talents to spread the gospel worldwide. -by Kevin Wahl

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Ministry in Midwifery

Angeline desires to reach her fellow Kenyans for Christ by serving as a midwife. -by Kelly Ostrom

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Knowing Himself Better

David has learned more about his own needs and the needs of others. -by Kelly Ostrom

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