Upon completing their major academic and reading requirements (usually at the end of their junior year), students are required to fulfill an internship in the field of their particular major The internship program is a concentrated, dedicated time for senior students to mature and develop professional skills under a mentor in a ministerial environment, through productive labor in the area of their training. Curriculum Committee approval is required when selecting an internship site.

Internship Description

  1. Internship consists of three consecutive terms in which the intern develops character qualities such as consistency and stability. Site duration is a minimum of one term.
  2. Each internship term lasts ten to twelve weeks, with a mini mum of 360 hours, and an unspecified maximum. All ex pected requirements must be fulfilled during this time.
  3. Interns are in a semiprofessional role similar to that of a new employee in a junior responsibility or probationary/trial role.

Last Updated Jul 15, 2011