Why Hartland College?

Hartland College offers a comprehensive education based on the absolute principles found in God´s Word, the Bible. These principles harmonize with true science and with all true knowledge because they come from the same source, our Creator. This type of education will promote the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. We are called and committed to true Christian education. We help young people develop resourcefulness and character for maximum effectiveness. Our goal is to educate our youth to accept the matchless claims of Christ upon their lives and service, to replace the inherent self-seeking motive with Christ’s self sacrificing love, as they prepare to take the everlasting gospel to the farthest reaches of this planet.

Hartland College offers bachelor’s degrees in Christian Elementary Education, Christian Secondary Education, Health Ministry, Health Education, Christian Media Management, Christian Publications Management, Bible Instruction, and Pastoral Evangelism. We also offer minors in agriculture and music. In addition to academic studies, our students learn practical skills including agriculture, auto mechanics, landscaping, food preparation, and the basics of medical missionary work.

We aim to produce well-rounded students. The course of studies is Christ-centered and Bible-based. Students are prepared to present the Seventh-day Adventist message as found in the Scriptures. A biblical foundation is provided for a Christian lifestyle, effective avenues of ministry, and a solid grasp of scriptural truth. Practical field experience prepares the students to proclaim God’s end-time message.

Last Updated Jul 15, 2011