Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Apr 1, 2009

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

He knows he has lost. Surrender is near. With a general’s craftiness, he ravages the land. He may have lost, but his enemy won’t benefit, because everything this enemy has fought for will burn. As the vanquished flees before the victor, he burns bridges, sacks towns, and salts fields.

To stop this sabotage, the victor must quickly send trained units to put out fires. He must engage his foe constantly to distract him from destruction. He must also assure the inhabitants of the defeated land of his noble intentions so they will not assist in the ransacking.

In the greatest war of history, God’s enemy has already lost. When Christ paid the penalty for sin, Satan could no longer claim that God was unfair. Sin required death, and “Christ gave His life to save the sinner from the death sentence.” In Heavenly Places, p. 361.

When Satan knew he was defeated, he decided, like the general we began with, to snatch the benefits of victory from Christ. Since Christ came to save men, Satan wants to ensure that there are few to save. He has focused his energies to deceive and distract men from our Savior, trying, among other things, to convince men that Christ’s death and work in the sanctuary are not enough to enable them to keep God’s law. As his time shortens, the battle intensifies, and more and more souls perish in his grasp.

Christ must end this sabotage. He, like the victor of our beginning, needs trained soldiers to douse the fires of Satan’s delusions, to dispel darkness with light, to draw souls from the clutches of Satan through the love of Christ.

Hartland College is a war college, one of Christ’s tools for fitting leaders for this spiritual conflict. We are here to equip God’s men and women, so our graduates can effectively help God win battles in His way.

This is the focus of this Hartland Ministry Report: How God is using Hartland to prepare soldiers for this conflict. We report on the ordination of two graduates on pages 6 and 7, and on student battle plans coordinated by the new “Lord, Send Me” program on page 11. We give a detailed perspective of Hartland’s aims and methods in our interview with Pastor Baker on page 9.

If God is calling you to Hartland College, heed His voice. If you are open to the Spirit, Hartland will arm you. Whether or not Hartland is for you, consider this a general call to throw yourself into this final push against evil. Let us, with God’s help, end this war and go home.