Nigerian Missionary in the Making

Jan 8, 2009

“I’m learning to depend on God rather than on myself.”

Ikechukwu (Ike) Anurukem grew up in a home that was split by conflicting religious beliefs: Adventism and Catholicism. Born in Nigeria, his family immigrated to England when he was 17. How did this young man come to accept the Seventh-day Adventist message and end up at Hartland College?

“After I attended a series of evangelistic meetings in London, I was baptized,” explains Ike. “When I was studying the Bible with my friends, I met Reggie Wright, who told me about Hartland.” Three years later Ike came to Hartland College. “I am thankful that my parents helped me with enough finances to cover one year of school. But during my first term here I got really discouraged, and all I could do was pray. It was truly in that experience that I learned how to depend on God rather than on myself.”

Hartland has provided not only a great learning environment for Ike, but also many other blessings. He is currently studying Pastoral Evangelism and Agriculture. “One of the biggest blessings for me was the summer gardening program and the opportunity to work at the farm,” he says. “One of the things I learned while working on the farm was cause and effect. I realized that everything I do has a consequence, so every choice has to be thought out properly.”

After graduation, Ike plans to return to London and use the things he has learned here to make a difference. He would also like to go back to his motherland of Nigeria to share the message of our soon-coming Savior with his people. “If I work as a pastor in a rural area, I will be able to help people practically with the things I am learning in agriculture. By God’s grace, it will give more validity to the message I share.”

Were it not for your faithful gifts to the Missionary Training Fund, Ike would not be able to continue his training for God’s service. “I was planning to just go back home and work, but it worked out for me to get help from the Missionary Training Fund. Now I can stay to continue my education.”

To those who sacrifice to make his and other students’ education possible, Ike says, “It’s good to know that in God’s church there are people who are willing to support young people so they can train to preach the Three Angels’ Messages. Thank you and God bless.”