Why Hartland College?

Hartland College offers a comprehensive education based on the absolute principles found in God´s Word, the Bible. These principles harmonize with true science and with all true knowledge because they come from the same source, our Creator. This type of education will promote the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. We are called and committed to true Christian education. We help young people develop resourcefulness and character for maximum effectiveness. Our goal is to educate our youth to accept the matchless claims of Christ upon their lives and service, to replace the inherent self-seeking motive with Christ’s self sacrificing love, as they prepare to take the everlasting gospel to the farthest reaches of this planet.

Hartland College offers bachelor’s degrees in Christian Elementary Education, Christian Secondary Education, Health Ministry, Health Education, Christian Media Management, Christian Publications Management, Bible Instruction, and Pastoral Evangelism. We also offer minors in agriculture and music. In addition to academic studies, our students learn practical skills including agriculture, auto mechanics, landscaping, food preparation, and the basics of medical missionary work.

We aim to produce well-rounded students. The course of studies is Christ-centered and Bible-based. Students are prepared to present the Seventh-day Adventist message as found in the Scriptures. A biblical foundation is provided for a Christian lifestyle, effective avenues of ministry, and a solid grasp of scriptural truth. Practical field experience prepares the students to proclaim God’s end-time message.

Last Updated Jul 15, 2011

Childbirth Educators and Doulas 2014

Dec 12, 2014

We are very proud of our 15 students who have passed the Childbirth Educator and/or Doula training. Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of education and training for young ladies to attend expectant mothers in all phases of pregnancy, from prenatal to newborn care. This field has proven to be an open door to share the gospel and the last-day message to expectant parents. We pray for God’s blessing on these young ladies as they pursue God’s calling for their lives.

Childbirth Educators/Doulas
Alexandra Carrasquillo, Puerto Rico
Blanca Saenz, USA
Hannah Crosby, USA
Kartina Saerang, Indonesia
Katherine Leong, USA
Kimberly Peralta, USA
Krystal Lehman, USA
Lynn Kawakami, Japan
Nadele Bertus, USA
Sabrina Oliver, USA
Tammara Usedo, USA

Childbirth Educators
Catherine Gray, Canada
Lomaswati Dlamini, Swaziland
Megan Neill, USA
Tulia Lomani, Fiji



Fall Graduation

Dec 12, 2014

Two graduates from the region known as the “10-40 Window” finished their 4-year degrees this fall. Jin Jian is from the People’s Republic of China. Raksa is from Cambodia. Both represent countries that have not been easily accessible to gospel outreach from Western countries. The 10-40 Window contains the largest populations that are non-Christian. Add to that the outright hostility to the gospel in many of these places, and you have a challenging mission field.
Both graduates have a vision to work for God in their home countries. Keep Raksa and Jin Jian in your prayers that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit as they fulfill Jesus’ commission to them.



Distance Learning Comes to Hartland College!

Dec 11, 2014

Hartland heartily welcomes 2006 Pastoral Evangelism graduate Diego Silva to its Bible Department.

What is distance learning?
Distance learning is designed to make education available to individuals who are not able to attend classes in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Hartland’s distance learning program provides access to many of our college classes when the source of information and the learners are separated by time, distance, or both.

Why is Hartland providing education through distance learning?
Over the years, many individuals have desired to attend Hartland’s campus-based program, but due to various reasons were not able to enroll as students. Young men and women from overseas have had visas denied, and thus could not come to study. Others, due to the fact that they have families and jobs, were not able to interrupt their plans and enroll as students. Whatever the reasons, now we have a solution for those who want to enroll, but are unable to participate in our campus-based program.

How will Hartland’s distance learning program operate?
The widespread uses of computers and the internet have made distance learning easier and faster. OpenClass is a distance learning software designed by Hartland College. Through OpenClass, students log on with a user name and password, and then are given access to video lectures, class syllabi, handouts, lesson notes, exercises, and much more.

What is special about Hartland’s distance learning program?
One important feature of our distance learning program is the emphasis we place on critical thinking, student research, and creativity, while relying less on recall and memorization. Our goal is to provide the student with tools and resources that will assist him or her to go beyond the content and information provided by the teacher. Learning to study is an important aspect of our program. Another very important aspect of Hartland’s academic program has been an uncompromising loyalty to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. The distance learning program continues and builds upon this in each course offered.

What courses do you currently offer?
One-year Biblical Studies certificate:
Conversion and Righteousness by Faith
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith
Revelation I
Revelation II
Life and Teachings of Jesus I
Life and Teachings of Jesus II
Christian Marriage and Family or Principles of Christian Mental Health
One elective class

Two-year Biblical Studies associate’s degree:
Conversion and Righteousness by Faith
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Early Old Testament History
Middle Old Testament History
Latter Old Testament History
Revelation I
Revelation II
Life and Teachings of Jesus I
Life and Teachings of Jesus II
Acts and General Epistles
Pauline Epistles I
Pauline Epistles II
Seventh-day Adventist Church History
Christian Marriage and Family
Principles of Christian Mental Health
Two elective classes

Is it possible to take individual classes?
Yes. Any of the classes mentioned above can be taken without enrolling in one of our programs. Other classes available, besides those already listed, are:
History of the Christian Church
The Sanctuary Message
Biblical Apologetics
Prophetic Guidance
Science and the Bible
Philosophy of Christian Education

If I start by taking individual classes, and later decide to enroll in one of your programs, are credits transferable?
Yes. If you have taken online classes, and then decide to enroll in any of Hartland’s regular programs, whether distance learning or our campus-based program, credits will be transferable.

What are the costs involved?
One-year Biblical Studies certificate – $5,400 (9 classes)
Individual class price – $600 ($200 per credit hour)
Discount price of $3,000 (one full payment at enrollment)
Discount price of $3,200 (first
payment of $1,600 to begin course;
second payment of $1,600 before
taking sixth class)

Two-year Biblical Studies associate’s
degree – $10,800 (18 classes)
Individual class price – $600 ($200
per credit hour)
Discount price of $5,500 (one full payment at enrollment)
Discount price of $5,800 (first
payment of $2,900 to begin course;
second payment of $2,900 before
taking tenth class)



Meet Our New Bible Teacher

Dec 11, 2014

Hartland heartily welcomes 2006 Pastoral Evangelism graduate Diego Silva to its Bible Department.

What did you do before returning to Hartland?
I served as president of a two-year missionary training school in Brazil called Taquara Institute of Health and Education. I founded the school in 2006 shortly before graduating, and worked there until August 2013.

How did God lead you back?
God led me back through undeniable providential circumstances. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in early 2013. I was told that I needed surgery, and it ended up being easier and a lot more convenient to have this done in the US rather than in Brazil. If it had not been for this turn of events, I would not have even thought about returning to the States.

Describe your duties.
I currently serve as major advisor for the Bible Department. This implies that I work with our Bible Instruction and Pastoral Evangelism majors, giving them guidance as to how they can get the most out of their student experience, as well as helping them identify their life calling. I teach Bible and church history classes, and am developing an online distance learning program for Hartland College.

What do you like most about Hartland?
I love to work with the quality young people Hartland draws from all parts of the world. Hartland offers the unique opportunity to work with a number of international students while being small enough for teachers to educate in a more individualized setting. I also find it a blessing to be able to teach Bible classes in an environment where the authority of God’s Word is regarded as supreme and above man’s authority.

What is your vision for the Bible Department, and how do you plan to make it a reality?
I have a burden to help young people train for ministry, identify their life calling, and find their place in God’s cause. I also have a burden to extend Hartland’s program to individuals who are unable to come and participate physically in our campus-based program.



Educating “Outside the Box”

Sep 8, 2014

by Kevin Wahl

“While studying to become a Seventh-day Adventist, I met a handful of Hartland graduates,” shares 2010 graduate Mike Kwon. “They knew the Bible a lot better and seemed to be a lot more dedicated to the Lord’s work than other young Adventists. So when the Lord called me for training, I knew which school I wanted to attend.”
Mike majored in Christian Media Management. “I’d been studying computer science in a university setting before the Lord called me to Hartland. The usage of modern technology was up my alley and a gift God had given me. Today technology advances so quickly that even in the business world, it’s difficult to find qualified help. So it’s a great blessing to possess a coveted set of skills and use it to advance the Lord’s work.”

During one of Mike’s spring breaks, he served as a canvassing leader. “A local church planned to hold an evangelistic series and we laid some groundwork by conducting a canvassing program supported by the church. I had no leadership experience and most of my friends were better at distributing books than I’d ever been. It was a challenge to be their peer one week and then be their leader the next week.

“But during that short trip, the Lord taught me that to be a leader is to be a servant of all. If I could do anything to make the canvassers more efficient, whether by distributing water when they were thirsty or books when they were low, I quickly learned that my role was to serve.”

After graduating, Mike worked two years for Light for Life Ministry, doing computer work plus online sermons and talk shows for English-speaking Korean youth. Then he spent two years as youth pastor for the Atlanta Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church in Duluth, Georgia. Mike currently works a “tent-making” job, developing mobile apps for Verizon, while passing out free literature and leading out in group Bible studies.

Mike concludes, “Hartland taught me that my education was independent of my degree—or even my major. I learned to think and find answers for myself, and that there is no limit to how much I will supplement a formal education. I’ve been ‘thrown into the deep end’—put in environments that value actual experience and knowledge more than degrees—and I’ve worn many hats that did not pertain to the field in which I was formally trained. Hartland didn’t give me the proverbial fish, but taught me how
to fish.”


Spring Graduation 2014

Aug 19, 2014

Aim: Higher than the highest
Motto: Reaching God’s ideal in our generation

On June 6–7, seven Hartland graduates attended the ceremonies as this year’s spring class was launched into its lifework. They shared their internship reports and testimonies, encouraging the college students to press on, preparing for each one’s high calling. Loago Setswalo, 2012 graduate, spoke about reaching God’s ideal in this generation by preaching the gospel.

President Norbert Restrepo challenged the entire audience, saying that the best means to finishing the work is experiencing true education. President Emeritus Colin Standish offered the dedicatory prayer.



From the Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia

Aug 11, 2014

A director’s letter attests to the quality of Hartland’s Childbirth Education and Doula certification program.

The Orange Pregnancy Center, located in Orange, Virginia, serves the community of Orange and surrounding counties, offering free pregnancy tests, counseling, limited medical services and material help. The Center has a building block program that allows moms-to-be to earn blocks for baby clothing, strollers, swings, pack’n plays, breast pumps, etc., while learning about childbirth and parenting.

Hartland College’s Childbirth Education and Doula students in training have been teaching a childbirth and newborn care class at the Pregnancy Center. The students take turns sharing their expertise with our clients, using models, audiovisuals, and handouts to aid in explanations. Each Hartland class counts as a block and has the additional benefit of allowing our ladies-in-waiting to ask questions of the knowledgeable students and their teacher, Patti Barnes (Director of the program at Hartland). “This is so interesting,” has been the comment most often overheard. One mom is expecting her third child, but even she learned from the classes—“I didn’t know that!”

The Hartland students are a joy to be around, very friendly, open and encouraging, as well as competent in their areas of study. And because the Center is a ministry, the students are able to pray with the moms, giving all the glory to God.

In behalf of the Center, I want to thank you for your assistance in the outreach to our community and look forward to further collaboration with you.

Margaret Shaw, Orange Center Director



“Daddy” to the Navajos

May 22, 2014

“I never thought I’d be a teacher. Now I really love teaching!”
by Kevin Wahl

“I could not be teaching without the experience I gained as a student teacher at Hartland Elementary School,” states Jim Whitaker, a Christian Elementary Education major. “At Hartland College I learned social skills, how to keep going when things get hard, and how to trust God.”

Jim is doing his college internship at Monument Valley Mission School in Utah, teaching Navajo children. “I mostly teach grades 4, 5, and 6. I also substitute for the lower grade teacher when she can’t be there. I’ve even taught kindergarten—lots of fun!

“I’ll never forget when a boy I taught finally volunteered to pray after always being unwilling to pray. This boy liked me a lot, treated me almost like ‘Daddy,’ and copied me.” Along with teaching, Jim adds, “I cook breakfast for the school every morning. Sometimes I cook lunch, too.”
Unfortunately, many Navajo children do not receive the best parental care, so Jim helps take care of children, as well. “From time to time, I babysit a now 10-month-old and her five-year-old sister. Learning how to get the baby not to cry, watching her learn to crawl, and now to walk, have made me amazed at how God created us. And sometimes I have to get a seven-year-old and her 10-year-old sister ready for bed or school.”

Jim also babysat a five-year-old boy. “He really acted like I was the father he always wanted. I had only one weekend to spend with him, but he wanted to see me the next weekend. He really made me feel a responsibility to troubled children.” Jim sums up, “I see how the Lord is using children and my care for them to show me how He feels about me—how much He loves me and how disappointed He is when I make wrong choices.”

Jim’s college classes, vocational training stations, and outreach programs “did a good job of preparing me to be a faithful and effective teacher. Conversion and Righteousness by Faith class was where I came to experience conversion as an adult. Canvassing helped to develop my character so I could handle the challenges that every teacher faces. Working for Hartland Plant Services taught me a lot about handyman work, which I now do on weekends and during breaks. I’ve remodeled and renovated some trailers to meet staff housing needs.”

After Hartland’s spring graduation, Jim expects to apply for a teaching job at a school in Arizona, also located in the Navajo Nation. He concludes, “I feel a calling to work for the Navajo people.” Amen.


Home Missionary Mom

May 22, 2014

“If it weren’t for my Hartland classes, I wouldn’t know how to discipline and train my boys in the way they should go.”
By Kelly Ostrom

“I have discovered a lot about myself, including the ugly traits that slowly come out through my daily contact with my boys,” shares Nella. “It’s only because of God’s grace and help that I can be a Christian mother.”
Nella Laing was a Christian Elementary Education major who graduated from Hartland in 2000. Today, Nella Laing Pedragosa is a stay-at-home mom with two boys—Josiah (6) and Caleb (4). She and her husband, Edward, who works at Asia Pacific International University, have become shining lights in their community of Mauk Iek, Thailand.

The couple is often asked why they want to homeschool, and some even think that the way their children are being raised is too strict and orderly. But people see the good things that come from following God’s way of training. Parents ask how Nella and Edward have trained their children to be able to put their things away without complaint, or how they get their boys to sit through church without fussing.

To Nella, this is confirmation that people are watching and observing the way her family lives and what they do. She says, “When we honor God in the way we train our children, His name will be glorified and He will honor us in return.”

Nella believes her training at Hartland has helped her to fulfill her role as a housewife and mother. “If it weren’t for my experience working in the cafeteria, I wouldn’t know how to bake good bread and prepare wholesome meals for my family. If it weren’t for my Bible classes, I wouldn’t know how to instruct my boys to learn about God. And if it weren’t for my education classes, I wouldn’t know how to teach my boys.

“Because of my different workstation experiences, I have learned to be a good housekeeper, a homemaker, an organizer, a secretary, a janitor, and a gardener in my own home. Hartland has done so much to prepare me to be the kind of mother and wife I am today. Praise God!

“Hartland changed my life for the better. I graduated with—not just a diploma—but a burden to work for God and a purpose in life. I learned to be selfless and to serve God.”

For Nella, motherhood has been a rewarding learning experience. “If the four walls of my house could speak, they would testify what kind of mother I am. I’ve learned that to be a Christian, I must start in my own home—where my mission field is now.”


New Scholarships Available!

May 22, 2014

Programs for financing more college students
by Cody Francis, Dean of the College

While we are still living in this present world, finances will continue to challenge us from every side. This is clearly seen in paying for a college education.

Hartland College tuition is half the cost of attending moderate state colleges, and one-fourth the cost of attending moderate private colleges. So there is no question that Hartland’s tuition, room, and board costs are an exceptional bargain in today’s reality. Yet we still find many who desire to be trained as missionaries but struggle with finances. We have introduced new scholarship programs to help with this very need!

The best option for would-be missionaries is to seek sponsorship or partial sponsorship from their local churches. “If there are some who should have the benefit of the school, but who cannot pay full price for their tuition, let the churches show their liberality by helping them.”^1^

Additional inspired counsel states, “The youth should have it plainly set before them that they must work their own way as far as possible, and thus partly defray their expenses.”^2^ We have two scholarship programs geared especially for those in this category.

Our new 50% Scholarship program allows students to study full-time and be ready for their internship in three years while only being charged half the cost of regular tuition. How is this possible? By working or canvassing during their breaks, the student is able to build up tuition credit and will only have to pay 50% of the regular fees. This scholarship program is an excellent option for those who can afford some, but not the full amount, to study and graduate debt free!

Another program is our Work-study Scholarship. This is for those who have no sponsors or funds to study. By studying part-time and working during the school year and the breaks, the student is able to build up credit to continue studying. It will take a couple years longer because the student will not be able to study full-time, but this is a wonderful opportunity for those with no finances at their disposal.

Though Hartland needs funds to continue training soul winners, we do not want to leave anyone out. We know that the Lord is calling many young people to enter His vineyard, and we want to see them “rightly trained” whatever their limitations, so that “the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour might be carried to the whole world!”3 If you or someone you know would be blessed by these new scholarship programs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

^1 White, Ellen G., Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 69
2 Ibid, p. 70
3 White, Education, p. 271^