Why Hartland College?

Hartland College offers a comprehensive education based on the absolute principles found in God´s Word, the Bible. These principles harmonize with true science and with all true knowledge because they come from the same source, our Creator. This type of education will promote the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. We are called and committed to true Christian education. We help young people develop resourcefulness and character for maximum effectiveness. Our goal is to educate our youth to accept the matchless claims of Christ upon their lives and service, to replace the inherent self-seeking motive with Christ’s self sacrificing love, as they prepare to take the everlasting gospel to the farthest reaches of this planet.

Hartland College offers bachelor’s degrees in Christian Elementary Education, Christian Secondary Education, Health Ministry, Health Education, Christian Media Management, Christian Publications Management, Bible Instruction, and Pastoral Evangelism. We also offer minors in agriculture and music. In addition to academic studies, our students learn practical skills including agriculture, auto mechanics, landscaping, food preparation, and the basics of medical missionary work.

We aim to produce well-rounded students. The course of studies is Christ-centered and Bible-based. Students are prepared to present the Seventh-day Adventist message as found in the Scriptures. A biblical foundation is provided for a Christian lifestyle, effective avenues of ministry, and a solid grasp of scriptural truth. Practical field experience prepares the students to proclaim God’s end-time message.

Last Updated Jul 15, 2011

Hartland Offers Shorter Courses!

Apr 2, 2014

Expanding our options for more students

by Cody Francis, Dean of the College

What are these shorter courses?
We are excited to be rolling out some new courses that combine the strengths of our regular four-year curricula with more flexibility. We have developed one-year and two-year courses in Health Ministry and Bible. Another new option is a one-year Gospel Medical Missionary course, which combines elements from the one-year health and Bible courses. We are custom-tailoring shorter courses in Christian Media Management and Childbirth Education, as well.

Why are you offering these courses?
Many people would love to take one of our full four-year programs, but are limited in time or finances. Others feel called to be doctors or work in other professions for which we do not offer courses, but would like to become grounded in the Bible or natural remedies before pursuing professional degrees. In order to provide programs that would benefit those in these categories, we are expanding the options that we offer.

What makes these courses unique?
While there are many other short training courses, few offer a full academic year that combines in-depth study, practical labor, and outreach activities in a wholesome Christian environment. We strive to follow the balanced Spirit of Prophecy counsels regarding a country setting, agriculture, missionary work, and so forth.
For those wanting a balance of gospel and medical ministry, the one-year Gospel Medical Missionary course is an excellent option. You will take the strong Bible classes: Conversion & Righteousness by Faith and Fundamentals of the Christian Faith. Then you could take either Daniel and Revelation or Life & Teachings I and II, spending time studying Jesus’ ministry. For the health segment, you will take the highly practical classes: Principles of Medical Ministry, Massage, and Hydrotherapy. You will also receive opportunities to apply your skills in various outreach classes doing health fairs, conducting cooking classes, or giving personal Bible studies.
For those desiring to focus primarily on health, the one-year Health Ministry program would be an excellent preparation for practical medical missionary work or a foundation to utilize while pursuing other programs. This course includes the foundational Bible classes: Conversion & Righteousness by Faith and Fundamentals of the Christian Faith. You will also have the opportunity to take Massage, Hydrotherapy, and Anatomy & Physiology I and II, along with other advanced health and outreach classes specifically designed to help you do health expos, deliver health lectures, and conduct cooking schools. You will also have the option of taking the CNA certification class!
There are others whose interest lies primarily in advanced Bible studies. In addition to attending the foundational Bible classes, you will have the opportunity to spend a year either studying the New Testament gospels and epistles, plus the book of Acts—or diving more deeply into the Old Testament chronologies and prophetic books, along with Daniel and Revelation. In addition to writing your own commentaries, Bible studies, and sermons, you will take practical classes: Evangelism, Speech & Homiletics, and the Bible outreach classes, in which you will learn how to go door-to-door, prepare a church for evangelism, and many other vital aspects.

What could I do after completing these courses?
After successfully finishing any one-year program, you will receive a certificate of successful completion. There are many calls for Bible workers, and the Lord could certainly open doors in these areas. Medical missionaries with the CNA certification could minister to people individually in their homes or find employment in the medical field, having the added medical missionary knowledge that could not be obtained from a secular course. Others could minister in their local churches and neighborhoods as lay medical missionaries.

Who would benefit from these courses?
All who want more knowledge along biblical or medical ministry lines would be greatly blessed. These could be retired individuals desiring to use their “golden years” in active missionary work, but not knowing where to start. They could be young people who are not sure what their calling is yet, but want to be equipped in these areas, or others who want to become more active in ministry, but do not know how. Students who feel called to pursue professional degrees will greatly benefit by being fortified with biblical and health knowledge first. In short, if you or someone you know wants to work for God—this could be just what you are looking for! Do not hesitate to call our admissions office at 540-672-3100 ext 308, or email admissions@hartland.edu.



Bringing Health to the Bahamas!

Apr 2, 2014

by Kevin Wahl

“You would think that an island has an abundance of fruit, and that the people subsist on what the land provides,” says Shantavia, “but in my homeland of the Bahamas, it is not so. Health is a greater need there than I thought!”

In December 2013, Hartland students Shantavia Gittens and Jermaine Gayle, accompanied by Irisdene Samuel and Maria Rodriguez, traveled to the Bahamas. “We visited four Seventh-day Adventist churches and held health outreach efforts for their communities,” Shantavia recounts.

The team taught hydrotherapy and massage, conducted health expos, and presented a series on overcoming addictions. Church members and people from the community attended their meetings each night. All who came expressed gratitude for what they were taught.

The first night of the series, after the team taught principles and practical lessons on how to do massage, Jermaine delivered the message—an introduction to health. “A pastor from the local [Seventh-day Adventist] conference smiled and told me that I spoke about some health principles that he had never heard! He expressed confidence in the message and
invited me to preach at his church on Sabbath.”

The second night, a lady suffering from insomnia and very high blood pressure came and received a hot foot bath. “We checked her blood pressure and told her that we would check it again the next day, which we did,” Jermaine recalls. “Miraculously, she had a wonderful sleep and her blood pressure dropped significantly.”

Thursday, that same week, the team participated in a community health extravaganza held by the local conference. Many people attended, including government representatives. The attendees were blessed as the team demonstrated the eight laws of health in simplicity.

On Sabbath, at the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jermaine preached on righteousness by faith, emphasizing victorious living in the end-times. “A few of the guests who came to our night meetings were present,” Jermaine exults. “When I made the appeal, two of them came forward requesting prayer. They also signed up for Bible studies.”

In addition to holding health programs, the team distributed books among the tourists and those living in the communities. “The response was shocking—everyone was so receptive,” Jermaine relates. “When we were in the towns, many would even stop their cars and ask us questions before we even approached them.”

Finally, a radio station invited the team to speak about the things they did. Shantavia concludes, “Thank you all who supported us through prayers, donations, and words of encouragement. Because of your efforts to help us, lives will be changed for eternity.”


Other Ways to Minister

Apr 2, 2014

“Meeting a health guest’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs through service, encouragement, and counseling, has given me the opportunity to develop the qualities of a Health Ministry major,”
shares Martha Castañeda.

by Martha Castañeda as told to Kelly Ostrom

I knew God had a special plan for me, but after five years of training at Hartland and through my internship, I now better understand my life calling. I’m convicted of my life calling and am encouraged to move forward in the work. My vision is to be a blessing to my fellow man. God is leading me to work in Chile, South America, where my parents have been doing missionary work through the health message. Seeds have been planted, but now it’s time to bring this work to the next level. By God’s grace, very soon a lifestyle center will be running along with a medical missionary training program. My family and I pray for God’s blessing as we move toward this goal.
I currently work as a therapist at Eden Valley Lifestyle Center, doing hydrotherapy and massage treatments. I also prepare remedies in the herbal laboratory. Between sessions, I help with office work and housekeeping, but my favorite job is working with the clients. I’m thankful to God for choosing this place as my internship site. When I left Hartland, I had no idea how my internship experience would be. I had one Bible verse in mind, though. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20. The Lord has exceeded my expectations.
During the October session I had my most memorable experience. When I first met my client, Rosalie, in the treatment room, I knew she was a gift from God. We bonded quickly, and by the end of the program, it felt like we knew each other from before. She asked me to be her adopted daughter, and I was thrilled to reply, “Yes!”
I visited her in December for Christmas. During that time, I had the privilege of giving her hydrotherapy treatments for her breast cancer. Rosalie is also a single mother with a 13-year-old son. She has faced many trials, but her sweet spirit and loving heart have been stronger than any trial. We still keep in touch, and we encourage and pray for each other. Calling Rosalie “Mother” and giving her the love and support she needs has been therapeutic for her and an unforgettable experience for me.
Many times, God calls us to minister to others in ways we least expect. But when we take the challenges, those means of ministering to others become the greater blessings in our lives. They also help us understand His deeper calling for our future ministry.


Literature Missionaries

Apr 1, 2014

Spreading the Word in Petersburg, Virginia

At a gas station, I canvassed a gentleman sitting in his car smoking. I think being kind made an impression on him. In his mind, he was probably just worried about problems. I thought showing a smile and giving a handshake would make his day, and it did—God opened him up to me. He ended up getting the books Man of Peace and Peace Above the Storm. He told me he has a girlfriend and he wants to share them with her. I also signed him up for stop-smoking classes.
—Miguel Harris,
Freshman, Dominican Republic

In a small office for rental cars, I found a young lady who likes to read. I found out that she is a new believer and was at that moment reading the gospels. She told me that she was praying for God to help her understand what she was reading. Then I “happened” to come to her office with the book Bible Answers to Your Questions. I prayed with her and then left with a thankful heart to God for using someone like me to answer a sincere truth seeker’s prayer.
—Sylvia Suk,
Junior, Georgia

In a parking lot, I met a man who was quite interested in Foods That Heal, Plants That Heal, and Peace Above the Storm. He told me, “If you wait here, I’ll go to the bank and come back.” He loved the information so much, I decided in faith to let him take the books with him. He came back with his donation, and we talked for about 20 minutes. I told him, “Because you’re so kind, I’ll give you Nature’s Healing Way.” Then he said, “Because you tried to bless me, I want to bless you again.” He gave me an extra
—Shane Smith,
Sophomore, Connecticut


Publishing and Educating

Feb 25, 2014

Johnny and his friends use their unique talents to spread the gospel worldwide.
by Kevin Wahl

“It’s interesting. I really liked what probably most people would dislike about Hartland—the fact that it wasn’t easy,” says 2000 graduate Johnny Suarez.

“I always loved the vocational training that we got working outside in the garden, except when it was really cold, or really hot, or whenever I had to change clothes afterward because I needed to go to work in the office. I also remember living in Log Manor. Three people would be tightly squashed in one room. We slept where there was no heat, no cooling—but we survived.”

What did all that do for Johnny? “Those were unpleasant times, but you learn lessons from doing hard things. You look at hurdles differently after you’ve had to overcome them. Now in my professional life, so to speak, when I face a challenge it’s very little to me because I’ve faced many other challenges. Having to put forth stronger effort to accomplish a task becomes a lot easier. Overcoming adversities is a blessing.”

Did he like anything besides difficulties? “I really liked the spiritual atmosphere. The emphasis on constantly seeking the Lord and His blessing every day was a source of inspiration for me.”

Today Johnny is CEO of Pan de Vida Productions, a multimedia company based in Berrien Springs, Michigan. “We license and distribute audio, video, and printed materials in English and Spanish. We work with a variety of speakers and organizations to produce excellent spiritually uplifting resources.”

What else is he up to? “Just recently, I helped start another company called Sanare Life Corporation. Our job is to establish a publishing branch that can impact the secular realm. We’re trying to make our distinct ‘lifestyle to health’ message available to nonreligious people. We distribute what we call ‘nutritional kitchen resources,’ like the Give Them Something Better cookbook. We’re looking to produce more health resources so we can have a broader means of reaching the masses.”

Johnny and his coworkers also use their media resources “to educate, uplift, and inspire other individuals—religious or nonreligious—to take up the banner of truth. Then we know for a fact that they’ve been blessed by the materials, because now they want to know the spiritual component of our beliefs, which includes our doctrines and our love for Christ. Furthermore, we travel all over the world. We’ve held meetings in 39 countries. Our work does not limit us to one geographic location. So it keeps us busy. And of course, doing business can also mean furthering God’s message in this present world.” Amen!



Ministry in Midwifery

Feb 25, 2014

Angeline desires to reach her fellow Kenyans for Christ by serving as a midwife.
by Kelly Ostrom

Hartland College will soon graduate its first Midwifery major. Meet Angeline Nyaata, a student from Kenya, Africa, who loves the Lord and ministering to His children. Here she shares about her internship experience in Tennessee:

“God allowed me to stay with a midwife and work closely with her and other midwives in her area. I learned from them how midwifery is a ministry. Apart from prenatal and postpartum visits and delivering babies, we prayed with mothers, visited former clients, and met our clients’ other needs. We cleaned homes, did hydrotherapy treatments, gave advice on other ailments for mothers or their family members, handed out literature, and visited with those who just needed company.”

Not everything about her internship was what Angeline expected. “Delivering babies has always sounded like a beautiful thing to do. However, there have been times when I have felt helpless during births and wondered if I would be able to handle certain situations.

“During these births I have found myself praying harder. I have prayed that God would keep me calm and give me the right words to say to the moms, that I could be of help to the midwife I was working with, for discernment, and for strength. And praise the Lord that His strength is made perfect in weakness! It has been after such hard or seemingly difficult births that mothers have commented on how calm and peaceful I seemed or what peace they felt as I reassured them.”

The training Angeline received at Hartland really helped in the field. “The health classes I took have really come in handy. Many of the mothers prefer natural remedies to allopathic methods. This gave me opportunities to share different natural remedies for complaints they experience during their pregnancy and other common ailments such as the common cold.
“On the other hand, I appreciate the Bible knowledge and the desire that Hartland instills in its students to study the Bible. This has been of great help when I met people who needed encouragement and when I was challenged to explain certain beliefs from the Bible.”

As her internship draws to an end, Angeline says: “I thank God for the many memorable experiences I have had during my internship. Being out in the field has given me a burden to use midwifery to reach out to families in need whether financially, physically, or spiritually. I long, by the grace of God, to go back to Kenya and help the mothers there.”
Please pray for Angeline as she continues to grow and serve in this ministry.



Special Adventist Squad Bible Conference

Feb 24, 2014

Hartland alumni help train youth to finish the work in the United Kingdom.
by Aaron Wilson

“Now I indeed see that there is much to learn about God’s Word and the history behind our faith—things that God wrought in the past,” shares James, an attendee at the Special Adventist Squad (SAS) Bible Conference.

“God definitely used [this conference] to show me some realities I had been doubtful about—and the presenters always found a Bible quote to quiet my second thoughts!” says Audrey, who traveled from Paris to attend the conference.

On March 29–April 1, 2013, young people from all around England, plus two from France, convened at Ashburnham Place, a Christian conference and prayer center in Surrey, England. Twenty-two youth met to study and learn God’s Word more deeply, and to share their faith with others.

The SAS Bible Conference featured three Hartland graduates from England—Reginald “Reggie” Wright, Ikechukwu “Ike” Anurukem, and Aaron Wilson—as its main speakers. The conference’s theme was “The Pillars of Adventism.”

Ike commenced the weekend with a presentation on Revelation 10 entitled “Thou Must Prophesy Again.” The next series of talks, given mainly by Reggie, focused on the roots of Seventh-day Adventism, the Adventist pioneers, and the sanctuary message. Then Aaron spoke on the spread of Adventism in the British Isles and the focus for evangelism today.
Two attendees led the morning devotions, and two other speakers presented talks on the importance of the publishing work and true education. Reggie, Ike, and Aaron also helped conduct a panel discussion on Bible versions, while song services were led by Hartland alumnus Eliezer Alemeza. “Fellowshipping and attending meetings with like-minded believers refreshed me the most,” Eliezer relates.

Sunday afternoon, the conference attendees reached out to the local communities with a range of Last Generation magazines. They were blessed by this effort as they shared their faith through literature, and spent time speaking and praying with the people. Testimonies and blessings were shared afterward, encouraging all to continue the work when returning to their home communities.

Sunday night, a special prayer session was held to prepare the attendees to take what they learned and be godly influences to those in their homes, local churches, communities, and their nations at large. The Spirit has instilled a desire in the hearts of these vibrant young people to know and share the truths God has given His church for these last days of earth’s history.

“The things discussed were broken down, which made them so clear and easy to understand,” shares Sharleen. “I also liked having the chance to go out to meet the people in a nearby town and hand out some magazines to them.”

“I’ve been motivated to study the sanctuary message,” says Solomon. “Also, I like the fact that we passed out literature in the community—we didn’t just feed ourselves. I think we should definitely do it next time.”

“The most wonderful part for me was when we went out to do some evangelism, and I got to talk to a Spanish girl for around 30 minutes in Spanish, and I don’t speak much Spanish at all!” Krista recalls. “Another gentleman we met told us his life story, and we were able to give him listening ears and also to encourage him.”

“I felt the Holy Ghost’s presence when we sang and shared personal experiences,” Audrey testifies. “The speakers’ behavior, kindness, and above all, their connection with the Lord made me believe in the Seventh-day Adventist religion again. I would definitely come again with friends who also need to be reassured that there are Seventh-day Adventists who are true worshippers of the mighty God!”

The SAS organizers dream of starting a missionary training school in the UK. Youth who desire to serve God today must be trained to accomplish the work He has called His people to do and finish in this generation. The SAS team thanks Hartland Institute for sending them boxes of free literature; they are also grateful for the continued prayers and support of those who read this report. May God receive all glory, honor, and praise!



Certifying Nursing Assistants

Feb 24, 2014

by Staff Writers

This fall, four students are pioneering Hartland’s first Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. Cody Francis, the new academic dean of Hartland College, explains why the course has been added: “We want to offer more programs that will enable our students to have viable ‘tent-making’ trades. CNA students will be eligible to take Virginia’s CNA state exam. This will enable our graduates to serve as medical missionaries in various capacities and to earn an income.”

“Medical ministry is an entering wedge to spreading the gospel locally and abroad,” adds Angela Stoffel, who is a registered nurse and the certified instructor for Hartland’s new CNA program. “Students who become certified CNAs can work in a variety of health fields that require basic nursing skills. While each facility has its own policies and procedures as to the level of care a CNA can give, the job opportunities for a CNA are numerous. Just to name a few—home health care, private duty, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, respite and rehabilitation centers, and health outreach or health education programs.”

Who is eligible to apply for the program? “While we want to certify all our Health Ministry majors as CNAs before they begin working with patients in our Lifestyle Education Center, you do not have to be a Health Ministry major to apply to our CNA program. Students taking other majors at Hartland, as well as those who just desire a short training course, may also apply to our CNA training program,” Cody Francis clarifies.

The current pilot program will run for about 8 to 10 weeks. “We are evaluating the schedule and the required hours to best suit the students who need to take state CNA certification exams. In the future, our plan is to offer the CNA program as a summer intensive,” Angela Stoffel explains.

Cody Francis concludes, “Wherever there is a need for a CNA, our graduates will be able to work. And those who do home health care will be able to minister individually to many people physically and spiritually. It is a wonderful medical missionary opportunity!”



Why I Chose Hartland College

Feb 24, 2014

With this year’s fall term behind us, more freshmen tell us why they’ve come to Hartland.

I want to learn more about how to edit Christian media material while growing spiritually with other like-minded people my own age.
Riley Hart, Ohio
Christian Media Management

God answered my longtime prayer of attending a “school of the prophets.”
Kartina Saerang, Indonesia

I like the education they offer, but above all, I believe God has a work for me to do, and I believe Hartland will prepare me for that work.
David Wells, Indiana
Pastoral Evangelism

God has given me a vision to serve and work with Him as a teacher training the youth. I know that this institution can help me make that a reality.
Alexi Andres Garcia, Venezuela
Pastoral Evangelism
Education Minor

It stands for everything that I truly believe in, and I want to gain more experience with Christ so that I am well prepared to serve others, leading them to Christ—first by example and then by teaching.
Tulia Lomani, Fiji


Using Literature to Do Gospel Work

Feb 19, 2014

Hartland religion majors share how God used them to spread His Word through the colporteur ministry.

Sent to Teach the Word
I canvassed a young lady who seemed a bit skeptical. But then I told her I’m studying to be a pastor, and her facial expression changed. Then she said, “I have a lot of questions for you.” I spent an hour and a half giving her a Bible study on the Sabbath, the state of the dead, and so on. It turned out she had been keeping the Sabbath for the past six months and had never met a Seventh-day Adventist. She bought four books.
Jermaine Gayle, Pennsylvania
Junior, Pastoral Evangelism

Power in Sharing Your Testimony
A family invited me into their house for lunch, and I shared my testimony with them—how God led me to study to be a pastor. They all started crying, and they wanted to help me with my education. They bought seven books, including The Great Controversy, Steps to Christ, and The Desire of Ages. Later, another man asked me why I’m studying to be pastor. I shared the same testimony with him, and right there he bought all the message books and children’s books I had—nine books altogether.
Matthew Farley, Maine
Junior, Pastoral Evangelism

Divine Appointment in the Parking Lot
I showed the books I had to a lady in a parking lot. As she looked at the books she would say, “I want this one. Oh, I need this one.” Instead of paying for her car insurance, she used her money to buy eight books. She told me, “It’s amazing that you’re here. I was supposed to be here two hours ago, but I kept getting delayed. Now I know why I was delayed for two hours. I had to be here at this time so I could get these books.”
Cwayita Ntskikeni, South Africa
Junior, Bible Instruction