Our Farm Gains Local Recognition

Mar 3, 2015

Hartland Natural Farm is awarded “Rookie of the Year” by Local Food Hub.
by Andrew Hendrickson

One of the things that struck me when I visited Hartland,” said Adrianna Vargo, Director of Grower Services, “was that the quality of the produce was just impeccable. Everything was grown very well, and a lot of care was put into it.”

Hartland Natural Farm was recently awarded the “Rookie of the Year” award from Local Food Hub, an aggregator and distributor of locally grown produce. “Hartland really stood out,” Adrianna continued, “as a farm that was able to start working with us very quickly, produce the quality that we needed, and make adjustments in the way that things were being harvested and packed so that they could meet our specifications. Those were things that were able to be done very quickly and easily.”

One of the things that particularly stood out on her visit was the friendliness of the students and staff. “What really makes the relationship special is that we know these are really good people we’re working with, and they really care about what they’re doing and about their partnership with us.”

Lisa Reeder, the Value Chain Coordinator of Local Food Hub shared her own experience with Hartland. “What we found is that in one year’s time you were able to deliver so many products we had been looking for, and they were properly grown and packaged in a way that was very easy to include in our wholesale distribution.”

Lisa was impressed by the school’s incorporation of agriculture into the curriculum and training of the students. “We can look at what we will do together for next year, and the following year, and the following year, knowing that there will be a program and food production there. The partnership is really worth investing in because we know that great things will come out of it.”

God has blessed our relationship with Local Food Hub. We pray that we may continue to be a blessing in our community.



Gaining Experience in Personal Evangelism

Mar 3, 2015

The Christian education offered at Hartland College has uniquely prepared me to labor for souls through evangelism.
by Viliame Saqusaqu

As I finish my pastoral evangelism requirements, I am currently assisting Taj Pacleb, an evangelist in the Central California Conference. Hartland’s practical training has given me many skills to use as I give Bible studies and conduct community surveys.

One day, I knocked on a door at an apartment complex to conduct a survey, and an African American named Frank answered. I could tell by his expression that he was not interested at all in the survey. But I had prayed for the Lord to lead me to the right person who really needed Him in his life.

When Frank asked, “What denomination are you with?” I replied, “I am with the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church.” Apparently, about 40 years ago, Frank had attended one of our church schools in Libya, Africa, for a short time. Unfortunately, he had received a negative and bitter experience at that school. He only remembered us as an extremist group.

But because he mentioned Africa, I told him that I had gone on a mission trip to Southern Africa in 2012, specifically to South Africa and Botswana. To my surprise, this became the common ground and the turning point in our conversation. Frank had also spent time in Botswana and he really loved the place. We talked for more than 30 minutes only about Botswana. I willingly listened to his experience and then shared with him my experience there in 2012.

While Frank never filled out the survey, I now study the Bible with him. Praise the Lord for the Southern Africa mission trip, which acted as common ground to gain Frank’s confidence and open him up to hearing the third angel’s message.

One great lesson I learned from this experience is that we have to show people our sympathy, and watch for common ground or points of interest where we can identify ourselves with them. After we have gained their confidence, we can share biblical truths with them.

Hartland’s Fundamentals of the Christian Faith class has especially furnished me with insight and materials to present personalized Bible studies based on our fundamental doctrines. And I see it as a privilege to work in a city that contains people with so many diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

As a student I faced difficulties, trials, and challenging situations. These have turned out to be blessings in disguise for character development. In summary, the best thing of all I learned at Hartland was to reflect God’s character and make use of the talents and experiences He has given me to reach others.



Childbirth Educators and Doulas 2014

Dec 12, 2014

We are very proud of our 15 students who have passed the Childbirth Educator and/or Doula training. Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of education and training for young ladies to attend expectant mothers in all phases of pregnancy, from prenatal to newborn care. This field has proven to be an open door to share the gospel and the last-day message to expectant parents. We pray for God’s blessing on these young ladies as they pursue God’s calling for their lives.

Childbirth Educators/Doulas
Alexandra Carrasquillo, Puerto Rico
Blanca Saenz, USA
Hannah Crosby, USA
Kartina Saerang, Indonesia
Katherine Leong, USA
Kimberly Peralta, USA
Krystal Lehman, USA
Lynn Kawakami, Japan
Nadele Bertus, USA
Sabrina Oliver, USA
Tammara Usedo, USA

Childbirth Educators
Catherine Gray, Canada
Lomaswati Dlamini, Swaziland
Megan Neill, USA
Tulia Lomani, Fiji



Fall Graduation

Dec 12, 2014

Two graduates from the region known as the “10-40 Window” finished their 4-year degrees this fall. Jin Jian is from the People’s Republic of China. Raksa is from Cambodia. Both represent countries that have not been easily accessible to gospel outreach from Western countries. The 10-40 Window contains the largest populations that are non-Christian. Add to that the outright hostility to the gospel in many of these places, and you have a challenging mission field.
Both graduates have a vision to work for God in their home countries. Keep Raksa and Jin Jian in your prayers that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit as they fulfill Jesus’ commission to them.



Apply Online for Youth Bible Camp!

Dec 11, 2014

We invite you to PVYBC 2015—“Transformed 2.”

Youth, right outside your home, there’s a world that’s longing for a message of hope. We have the God-given responsibility of proclaiming the gospel to this languishing world while time is running out. If you’ve ever tried to spread the gospel, you know it’s not always easy. What do you say? How do you say it? How can you be a witness in your home, school, or church?
Since 2002, our mission at PVYBC has been to train youth to be thinkers and not just reflectors of others’ thoughts; to choose to do right because it is right; and to stand for truth whatever the consequences. We seek to inspire youth with principles of truth, obedience, honor, integrity, and purity. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, you will have the courage of heroes and the faith of martyrs, and you will gain the victory at any cost.
Come to PVYBC and learn how you can be excited about Jesus at home, in school, and with your friends. Classes include: Deep Bible Study, Wilderness Survival, Canoeing, Camp Choir, Beginning Guitar, Child Evangelism, First Aid and CPR, Photography, Science Experiments, Literature Evangelism, and more!
We’ll start receiving applications January 5. Apply soon!
Apply online at pvybc.com. For more information, email piedmont.valley.camp@gmail.com or call 540-672-1996 ext 304.



Hastening His Coming!

Dec 11, 2014

Together, we can take the gospel to the world.

by Norbert Restrepo, President

As we look at the events happening in our world today we yearn and sigh for the Lord’s appearing! Darkness is covering the world. Anarchy, wars, terrorism, and epidemics are taking hold everywhere. Many are seeking in vain for happiness, health, and peace.
In a September 4 Vatican meeting, Shimon Peres, a former Israeli president, presented a “United Religions” idea to Pope Francis I to counter religious extremism in the world today. Peres nominated the pope to lead this organization. Over the past 18 months, Francis has established himself as a respected world leader who speaks with genuine moral authority. “Who else in the world, asked Peres, can draw half a million people when he speaks?”
But no coalition of religious and political leaders will be able to solve the problems of this world. God’s image needs to be restored in mankind; His eternal principles must be accepted. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been entrusted with an understanding of the everlasting gospel. It is our privilege to share it with the world.
Hartland’s mission is to proclaim the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14, and to train an army of youth to preach this gospel to the entire world! On June 6–7, thirteen missionaries graduated from Hartland College. New students arrived in the fall, eager to begin their missionary training. They came from different states, countries, and continents, but they have a common vision: to be workers for God in giving the glad tidings to their fellowmen.
Throughout this year, staff and students ministered in South Korea, Congo, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile. In December they will visit China and Peru. We are continually involved in health outreach, prison ministry, and literature evangelism within our community. Our lifestyle center and natural farm are also witnessing tools. How wonderful to minister to souls thirsting for truth!
By giving to Evangelism, Ministry, the Missionary Training Fund, and/or Where Needed Most, you can have a part in the blessing! We appeal to you to prayerfully consider supporting Hartland with regular donations to help us fulfill our mission.
We are also raising funds to reconstruct the old Hartland Lifestyle Center in order to expand our ability to accommodate health guests. We need the ladies’ dormitory that we have been using as our Lifestyle Education Center, and we need classrooms for our Health Ministry and Midwifery courses. All this and more can be achieved if we renovate the old Hartland Lifestyle Center!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for opening up your hearts and partnering with us in ministry. Together we can hasten the Lord’s coming!



Distance Learning Comes to Hartland College!

Dec 11, 2014

Hartland heartily welcomes 2006 Pastoral Evangelism graduate Diego Silva to its Bible Department.

What is distance learning?
Distance learning is designed to make education available to individuals who are not able to attend classes in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Hartland’s distance learning program provides access to many of our college classes when the source of information and the learners are separated by time, distance, or both.

Why is Hartland providing education through distance learning?
Over the years, many individuals have desired to attend Hartland’s campus-based program, but due to various reasons were not able to enroll as students. Young men and women from overseas have had visas denied, and thus could not come to study. Others, due to the fact that they have families and jobs, were not able to interrupt their plans and enroll as students. Whatever the reasons, now we have a solution for those who want to enroll, but are unable to participate in our campus-based program.

How will Hartland’s distance learning program operate?
The widespread uses of computers and the internet have made distance learning easier and faster. OpenClass is a distance learning software designed by Hartland College. Through OpenClass, students log on with a user name and password, and then are given access to video lectures, class syllabi, handouts, lesson notes, exercises, and much more.

What is special about Hartland’s distance learning program?
One important feature of our distance learning program is the emphasis we place on critical thinking, student research, and creativity, while relying less on recall and memorization. Our goal is to provide the student with tools and resources that will assist him or her to go beyond the content and information provided by the teacher. Learning to study is an important aspect of our program. Another very important aspect of Hartland’s academic program has been an uncompromising loyalty to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. The distance learning program continues and builds upon this in each course offered.

What courses do you currently offer?
One-year Biblical Studies certificate:
Conversion and Righteousness by Faith
Fundamentals of the Christian Faith
Revelation I
Revelation II
Life and Teachings of Jesus I
Life and Teachings of Jesus II
Christian Marriage and Family or Principles of Christian Mental Health
One elective class

Two-year Biblical Studies associate’s degree:
Conversion and Righteousness by Faith
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Early Old Testament History
Middle Old Testament History
Latter Old Testament History
Revelation I
Revelation II
Life and Teachings of Jesus I
Life and Teachings of Jesus II
Acts and General Epistles
Pauline Epistles I
Pauline Epistles II
Seventh-day Adventist Church History
Christian Marriage and Family
Principles of Christian Mental Health
Two elective classes

Is it possible to take individual classes?
Yes. Any of the classes mentioned above can be taken without enrolling in one of our programs. Other classes available, besides those already listed, are:
History of the Christian Church
The Sanctuary Message
Biblical Apologetics
Prophetic Guidance
Science and the Bible
Philosophy of Christian Education

If I start by taking individual classes, and later decide to enroll in one of your programs, are credits transferable?
Yes. If you have taken online classes, and then decide to enroll in any of Hartland’s regular programs, whether distance learning or our campus-based program, credits will be transferable.

What are the costs involved?
One-year Biblical Studies certificate – $5,400 (9 classes)
Individual class price – $600 ($200 per credit hour)
Discount price of $3,000 (one full payment at enrollment)
Discount price of $3,200 (first
payment of $1,600 to begin course;
second payment of $1,600 before
taking sixth class)

Two-year Biblical Studies associate’s
degree – $10,800 (18 classes)
Individual class price – $600 ($200
per credit hour)
Discount price of $5,500 (one full payment at enrollment)
Discount price of $5,800 (first
payment of $2,900 to begin course;
second payment of $2,900 before
taking tenth class)



Meet Our New Bible Teacher

Dec 11, 2014

Hartland heartily welcomes 2006 Pastoral Evangelism graduate Diego Silva to its Bible Department.

What did you do before returning to Hartland?
I served as president of a two-year missionary training school in Brazil called Taquara Institute of Health and Education. I founded the school in 2006 shortly before graduating, and worked there until August 2013.

How did God lead you back?
God led me back through undeniable providential circumstances. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in early 2013. I was told that I needed surgery, and it ended up being easier and a lot more convenient to have this done in the US rather than in Brazil. If it had not been for this turn of events, I would not have even thought about returning to the States.

Describe your duties.
I currently serve as major advisor for the Bible Department. This implies that I work with our Bible Instruction and Pastoral Evangelism majors, giving them guidance as to how they can get the most out of their student experience, as well as helping them identify their life calling. I teach Bible and church history classes, and am developing an online distance learning program for Hartland College.

What do you like most about Hartland?
I love to work with the quality young people Hartland draws from all parts of the world. Hartland offers the unique opportunity to work with a number of international students while being small enough for teachers to educate in a more individualized setting. I also find it a blessing to be able to teach Bible classes in an environment where the authority of God’s Word is regarded as supreme and above man’s authority.

What is your vision for the Bible Department, and how do you plan to make it a reality?
I have a burden to help young people train for ministry, identify their life calling, and find their place in God’s cause. I also have a burden to extend Hartland’s program to individuals who are unable to come and participate physically in our campus-based program.



Courage to Stand

Sep 8, 2014

On July 23–27, over 900 attendees thronged Hartland’s campus for a spiritual feast as they listened to featured speakers Elder Stephen Bohr and Christian Berdahl. Elder Bohr spoke on prophecy and the mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Christian presented practical Christianity talks, including his personal testimony.

A panel discussion answered submitted questions on topics such as women’s ordination and tithe. More talks were given by President Norbert Restrepo Jr., President Emeritus Colin D. Standish, Hartland graduates Rodney Millin and Diego Silva, and several other speakers. Spanish-speaking visitors heard presentations preached by Elder Bohr, Norberto Restrepo Sr., and Enoc Lombana.

Weekday seminars were held as well. Health discourses were delivered by Doris Hernandez, Hartland’s Health Ministry instructor. Christian gave music lectures, and Elder Bohr lectured on open and closed doors of opportunity given to mankind by God.

To order DVDs or audio CDs of these messages, call 1-800-774-3566.

We invite you to attend our fall convocation, “The Gay Puzzle: Leading Souls to Christ,” October 24–26, featuring Ron Woolsey and Michael Carducci.


We were greatly blessed by the preaching, teaching, and fellowship. What an encouragement to see such a large attendance! Hartland is a little taste of heaven.—Richard and Laura, Kentucky

I appreciated the spiritual atmosphere and the refreshing Spirit-filled material that we received from all the speakers. Stephen Bohr and Christian Berdahl truly brought important messages for these end times.—Keith, Tennessee

Mostly I appreciated the speakers, specifically Pastor Bohr. Also, I very much liked the style of music during the services.—Elizabeth, Virginia

I was very impressed with the reverence shown during the Sabbath service, and the kindness shown by the staff.—Enzo, Delaware

The dorm rooms were awesome. I loved the architecture of the old building. All of the speakers were great. I especially liked Christian Berdahl’s “Distraction Dilemma.”  Also, J.H. Shin’s talk about how to memorize Scripture was very helpful. I’m using his techniques now and am finding that I remember Scriptures better now than I did before. The health talks by Doris Hernandez were also very helpful.—Maura, Pennsylvania



An Open Letter to Our Tithe Donors

Aug 20, 2014

June 24, 2014

Dear Friends,

After providential leadings and prayerful consideration, our Board of Directors, with the support of our constituents, made the decision to no longer accept donations designated as “tithe” from known Seventh-day Adventist church members, effective July 1, 2014.

It is not an option for us at Hartland to negotiate on matters that involve eternal principles. We are committed to following God’s counsel and our convictions regarding present truth. Hartland has decided to forgo the acceptance of tithe in order to disarm prejudice and broaden our opportunities for ministry. As was the case with the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 6:12, we have concluded that although it is lawful for us to receive tithe to perform tithe-worthy activities, it is not necessarily expedient.

We have taken this step in order to “draw nigh to our brethren,” trusting in God’s leading and providence. The Seventh-day Adventist movement is God’s remnant church. Although it is imperfect and in a Laodicean condition, when the “work goes forward under the direction of the angel who joins the third angel in the message to be given to the world, God will use ways and means by which it will be seen that He is taking the reins in His own hands.”1

We are fully committed to following the Lord’s counsel in directing the institute. We believe it is God’s will for us to do everything within our power, without compromising principle, to work in harmony with His denomination. “Christ said, ‘Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.’ If you see that by doing certain things which you have a perfect right to do, you hinder the work of the truth, refrain from doing these things. Do nothing that will close the minds of others against the truth. There is a world to save, and we gain nothing by cutting loose from those we are trying to help. All things may be lawful, but all things are not expedient.”2

Our mission remains the same—to proclaim the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14, and to train an army of youth to live and spread this gospel effectively; and it is inspiring to see doors opening as we seek to fulfill this mission by sharing God’s last-day message with the world. Through health ministry, community outreach, literature evangelism, prison ministry, our farm, and the testimonies of students who dedicate their lives to serve God, souls are being transformed through the power of the gospel and are impressed to accept God’s principles into their lives.

We pray that God will impress your hearts to continue supporting Hartland with your prayers and generous financial gifts. The institute’s needs are the same as before. Here are some of our main funds: Where Needed Most donations may be used anywhere according to the greatest need. Evangelism covers our many evangelistic projects including Bible studies, health ministry, literature ministry, and so forth. The Ministry Fund supports our Bible teachers and those engaged in various lines of ministry work. Our Missionary Training Fund provides scholarships for worthy students to be trained as missionaries.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

In His service,

Norbert Restrepo

President, Hartland Institute

1 White, Ellen G., Testimonies to Ministers, p. 300 (1885)
2 White, The Southern Work, pp. 70, 71