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Latest Articles

Golden Opportunities

I stood all alone for God in my communist high school, never dreaming that one day my teachers would ask me to share my faith.

by Martin Bernar as told to Roxana Kiss Ramont

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Eat Nuts for Longer Life

A study found that people who ate nuts at least 5 times per week gained on average an extra two years of life expectancy.

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Heart Healthy Millet Cheesecake

A great treat for folks watching their sugar intake.

From the kitchen of Kae Borrero
Former Hartland Lifestyle Center nurse and long-time supporter and friend of Hartland

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Into All the World

Hartland students and staff were busy sharing the gospel during their winter break.

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Parsley Packs a Healthy Punch

A wide body of research has found parsley to help in fighting cancer.

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All Eyes on Israel

Does the Bible predict that this tiny, blood-soaked nation will be the center of end-time events?

by Antonella Pedley

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God's Genius

The life of Isaac Newton proves that intellectual greatness does not preclude simple faith in the Bible.

by Michael Prewitt

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