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October 23-25, 2015

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Pressing Together

Hartland administration is committed to working closely with the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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An Open Letter to Our Tithe Donors

It is not an option for us at Hartland to negotiate on matters that involve eternal principles.

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The 60th General Conference Session

Positive developments on many fronts show God at work with His church. by Norbert Restrepo

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Let Us Rise and Build!

God has especially called for Washington, DC to be worked:

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Training Effective Missionaries

Chuck Holtry, a '97 elementary education graduate, now directs the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE). by Kevin Wahl

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Breaking News from Last Generation magazine!

Does God know what world leaders are planning? Does He impress His people to respond with timely messages?

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